What is your luckiest orb?


Half-bragging, half-curiosity, what is your best orb result, rarity wise ?
(not asking about cards themselves)

Cause I just got 2xRare / 1xEpic(Prism) / 2xLegendary


1 Prismatic time maelstrom and a Ruby rifter, the rest were commons but I felt it was pretty lucky.


You HEATHEN! Start saving up gold for the new expansion! I know its not a lot compared to others, but I have just under 2.5 K now.

My luckiest pack was 2 Prismatic Legendaries. I think they were both either garbage or Songhai cards(interchangeable words, I know) but it was like almost 900 Spirit in that orb alone.


Feel free to send me any Heaven Eclipse, Crescent Spear or Tusk Boar you have, I’ll be happy to dispose of these “garbage”, even a Zendo, I’ll find a room for that :wink:


Haha, I remember how disappointed I was when I learned you couldn’t trade cards in Online CGs. It makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to but it hadn’t occured to me when I first started playing HS years ago. Still though, glad my friend convinced me to give the genre a try. It has become one of my favorite types over the years.


That’s a super sick pull. For me, probably the time I got 2 legendaries, the rest were commons xD I also got a 3 epics (1 prim) and a rare in another, but nothing too impressive.


Sorry guys, gonna have to lock this one.

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