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What is your Dream Rift Deck?

Dang aspect of fox and chromatic cold are basic oh well it was a toss up with thumping wave and they are alot of choices to fill the spot anyway OBS and Alter beast are options as well.

I am sure there is a better version of this what i threw together for Ziran

Threw something together for Sajj,Honestly no clue what to do

another thing i have no clue what do the options are kinda overwhelming

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Random idea…
I kinda want to see a deck loaded with cantrip cards for the hell of it, not that I would bother trying to do it.

3x sphere of darkness
3x scion 1st wish
3x aegis barrier
3x frigid corona
3x entropic gaze?
3x Joseki??

Add 3x Frigid Corona

i got a cyclone mask in a vaath run, so i really want to pull together a lot of control and potentially win lategame with ranged drogon boosted hits.

This is what I really want to make:


Aside from the obvious blast/ranged Vaath, it sports a nasty combo with Kujata/Snow Chaser being free infinite casts to abuse Soul Grimwar, or Shadow dancer. Combine that with a tiny bit of removal and a crap ton of draw to make it consistent, and its a really dumb deck that will pretty consistently win turn two or three, and when it doesn’t it can just play the ranged game.

Started with Vaath, so I have the natural selections, and so far I have acquired two Kujatas, the rest is still sadly missing.


Can’t you have more than 3x of a card in irift? I swear I was offered a 4th killing edge once…

Isnt killing edge basic?

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Hmm, you’re right. Either I was hallucinating or it was a bug within the bug.

Oh man if you can get more then 3x, that list changes a whole lot and will allmost always win turn two, and often on turn one as player two.

Look at this madness!

As player two, Kujata onto globe, play second kujata next to second globe, play dance of dreams. Spam chaser until you draw Entangler, Darkfire, and Dancer. Play entangler on globe, sacrifice it, play shadow dancer, spam chaser until you win.


There are actually a bunch of problems with this formulation. I tested the draw mechanics of the combo with sandbox mode using mind steal and, assuming sandbox mode works the same way as live (sometimes it has odd kinks), there are problems.

Firstly, spamming chaser to draw cards simply mills your deck, chaser returns to your hand before you draw a card from your deck. It can still protect against DoD ending our combo (since it adds additional cards to hand, unlike what a dragonlark would do) but it can’t be the primary dig. For primary dig I suggest zyx and kujata. There’s plenty of space on the map for all the extra bodies from zyx and it both digs and provides sacrifice fodder. Kujata is a combo card meanwhile and we want to run it anyway, using it rather than zyx is only relevant P1T1 and maybe P1T2.

Secondly, 12x dance of dreams is just too much. we will frequently clog our hands with dead DoD draws we can’t do anything with before we can ever kill them as P2 on T1. If we want to guarantee a turn 1 kill once we start going off we can’t possibly have more than 4 DoDs, since with more we won’t be able to have sacrifice, snowchaser, and dancer in hand if we draw into the DoDs before we finish the combo.

If we want to go full yolo on the P2 T1 combo I would suggest something like:

23x kujata
12x zyx
3x Dance of Dreams
2x snowchaser
1x dancer
1x sacrifice

Still not terribly reliable but pretty good, probably not optimal. The 1 extra chaser is to deal with if we draw all our DoDs/combo cards before we finish the combo, since it lets us increase our handsize back to 6.

If you wanted to make a formulation that reliably hits the combo over the course of the game however, you’re probably better off entirely without dance of dreams. Run multiple copies of the relevant combo cards, maybe a few celebrants to help ramp, and when you have access to 4 mana then you can kill with kujata flash dancer chaser, or 6 mana without the flash. Not very hard to do.

:edit: Except it is hard to do. Keep in mind that the turn timer is our enemy and will probably end the turn before we kill them, especially if we’re digging through our whole deck to do it. From my sandbox estimates, at least on my toaster of a computer, I think it would take at least 2-3 minutes to kill someone from 25 hp.

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Well the primary combo is Kujata+Chaser+Dancer. The dance of dreams was just to help make it consistent, but now that you point it out your right there is an issue, perhaps skipping trying to make the turn one win happen and something simple like this:

19 Kujata
10 Chaser
10 Dancer

Very Consistent turn two wins by just dropping a kujata or two turn one. If kujata is killed oh well, your opponent spent their turn doing that and you can try again shortly.

Alternatively perhaps a bunch of Sun Wisps could be used in place of extra dance of dreams, but then we run into the turn timer issue again.

Dance of Dreams is basic as well, meaning even with dream pulls from replaces you can only get 3x

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lul rip cards

play your entire hand on turn 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are all cycles…

Huh, didn’t notice that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m dumb

Haven’t read the entire thread but in case it hasn’t been said. Spirit harvester and deathstrike seal in a general oriented deck


juggernaut + aegis barrier. followed by fountain of youth as needed

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Add Flash, Darkfire sacrifice, Kujata, Metallurgist and Deathgrip for more awesome effect :grin:

BTW, is it confirmed that we can have more than 3 of a same card?

How about something like this? Assuming limit of 3x cards, since the chaser + dancer + kujata thing seems like it would kill everything if there was no limit.