What is the progress on fixing OBS and XSplit for streaming?


Okay, so you may know me, I stream this game from time to time and record some videos.Today I want to complain to the devs how difficult it is to stream this game.

If you want to start streaming, they thankfully wrote an official guide how to:
In there, they mentioned that using OBS, you can use nothing but “Display Capture” which means your whole screen will be broadcast, all the time! If you look at the date of that guide, it says July 2016, this problem is known for half a year now and still not fixed! Not only is it very demanding for streamer privacy and all, having to avoid showing any sensitive information (like passkeys or whatever), it is also very distracting for viewers when the streamer tabs to read the chat or checks some database for information.

Okay, OBS doesn’t work, use some other app. The most popular other app would be XSplit, but guess what, not only does it have a monthly fee, it outright refuses to work! After installing and setting everything up, it just does not comply with Duelyst. Every other game works, only with Duelyst it stops.
At this point I don’t even want to play this game any more, it is just so frustrating…
Alright, thanks for sticking with me till now. What is my whole point?

TLDR: please fix the streaming problems with OBS or make XSplit work with this game.


Oh wow, I didn’t know this was a problem everyone had, I thought I was the only idiot who had to use Display Capture to stream Duelyst, because I couldn’t figure out how to get in-game capture to work!


yeah, the worst thing is there is probably no easy solution in sight. especially with two planned expansions that will make more profits than fixing some old problem…


Actually, as was pointed out by someone in a similar thread on reddit, the problem is not with duelyst, but with the platform duelyst is based on (chromium). The entire thing is out of CP’s hands, they can’t do anything about it.