What is the most dissapointing legendary to open?


you know the story you are all hyped for that flashy gold (orange?) crystal and you get…:grin:
Star Crusader!


I know some people like the card, but I’ve gotten one too many Eclipse. :sweat:


what’s wrong with Astral Crusader?

i think Dreadnought is the saddest.


Dont mock my pain… please…


Rook, I would prefer a chess piece than that garbage.


What he wants to be:

What he actually is:


I mean his name is “dread-not”, for the opponent anyways…


I opened 5 Lady Locke’s…never used it and keep getting them °3°


I have already found 2 sphynx.

Thank for The spirits.


Zukong and Rook …


I’ve gotten Rook more than once, and I keep getting the stuff for Magmar that sort of seems like it shouldn’t be anywhere. Flaming Stampede, Metamorphosis, Morin-Khur…


I currently have 3 Rooks and 2 Paddos, one of which is Prismatic. But of all my Legendaries, Flaming Stampede is still the worst.


Whats wrong with dreadnaut? He kicks ass in my deck.


What do you have against dreadnaut. He kicks ass in my deck mate.


Time maelstrom. You get to use your general twice in a turn…

Vetruvian has already become a laughing stock, this joke doesn’t help.


Locke is bae, tho. Shame she is now even more useless with the Kara around.


It used to give a full turn, like activating your units, general, draw … another full turn


It used to be 6 mana too!
Add in manaforger for maximum lolz.


I know. I wish it was still like that. Would give some great laughs with my friends.


Old great manaforger. It used to be in everydeck lol.

I dont recall the 6 mana maelstorm. Seems you are older than me in this game lol.