What is the difference between Healing/Restoring/Increasing/Giving Health?


I see these terms pop up since I’m making a Zir’an deck to watch the Suntide Maiden juggies- er, I mean to take care of some srs biznes, and wondering if these different terms affect the minions’ trigger abilities differently.

For example, Is Lightchaser affected by War Surge?

Lightchaser - This minion “gains” 1/1 when anyone is "Healed"
War Surge - “Give” 1/1 Attack/Health to all your minions

Is Lightchaser pumped up from this combo? If I have 5 minions including Lightchaser, does it get +6/6?


No, ‘giving’ adjusts max health, and the current health is affected as a byproduct. Healing only affects current health.


Thanks, I thought it was a bug when my minions got health but the related healing effects weren’t triggering.

Suntide Maiden says its health is “restored” at the end of the turn, does that fall under “healing” or “giving”? I’d guess healing, but have to playtest all this stuff to make sure. Tough with no cards…lol


Restore means heal. Give and gain do not.


i wish they’d just stick to 2 terms for it all lol


Healing/restoring is getting rid of damage.
Gaining/increasing (max) health doesn’t affect damage, only how much more you can get hurt.
Also if you are full health (zero damage) and try to heal you don’t get rid of damage so don’t proc heal effects.


Totally lol

I crafted a Radiant Dragoon (“give” a minion health at the end of your turn) and now it may not even be that effective, but we’ll see. I hope the cards themselves function consistently, in-line with the terms.

Owlbeast Sage “gives” health to Arcanysts, Sun Elemental also “gives”, so those may be getting butted out of my deck.


“give” health minions aren’t that bad for a Heal deck, since you need your minions to stick to the board when they get hit before you can heal them.


In particular, Owlbeast sage works pretty nicely in healyonar deck, especially if you run sun seers.

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