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What is the deck you'd love to play but didn't?

Hey everyone!

I’d like to ask if there’s a deck you would love to play, but never (or almost never) managed to, cause reasons. The reasons may include budget issues, inability to pilot it properly or anything else.

For me the major reason is just forgetting of the deck’s existence. I have several decks bookmarked, but rarely visit these bookmarks.

One of such forgotten decks which I’m always thinking of when I don’t play and forget the moment I open the game is @phoinexflame’s Singularity:

I’m not a Magmar lover, that may be a reason I constantly forget of this deck, but I’ve seen it at work and it’s hillarious. Flash Reincarnated Frenzy Replicated Lodestars (FRFRLs) make a board into a crazy merry-go-round festival. Everything is pulled to something every turn. Hope I’ll get a Magmar quest soon to try it out.

Another one I tried a bit, but skipped in favor of another similar deck is the triple ramp Abomination Lilithe which appeared in discussion with @deathsadvocate. It’s more or less self explanatory.

So, what about you, guys?


Guess sometimes you just don’t have the cards at the time and forget.
Totally forgot about Abhorrent Unbirth.
Also stuff like Winter Wake just cost a ton.
Sometimes I just wasted Spirit on some stuff. Crafting stuff like Dreadnaughts, Astral Crusaders…
When everyone says how strong Finality is and I still don’t bother crafting it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Some decks do look interesting but complicated. Usually means lots of deck building and experimenting. Also losing a lot. Or you can just play a deck you have already.

Then there is Spellhai. Just looks weird to play a deck without minions. Also I hate playing against such ‘interactive’ decks. I feel like I should try. Like I’m missing something. But I just don’t feel like playing Spellhai ever.


I remember the old days where i reached S with something in this vein.
But today i nolonger play it because
-it has many realy REAAAALY poor matchups
-kaleos with zendo does the “big boy you must answer or die against” thing better


Just remembered I still need to try Shidai. To say I’ve tried every general.
Now what does Shidai BBS do :thinking:?


It produces a 1 cost random irreplaceable spell with one of the following effects: move enemy minion one space, your general movement range is increased by 1 this turn, any ally gets backstab(2) this turn, draw a card.

The cheap spells make her naturally good at spellproc decks (Arcanyst, Kensho Vortex, Mantra) and solo runaway decks (Artihai, Mantra again). And, of course, in Mantra. Or you could check Mantra.

Oh, well…


Well speaking of triple Ramp Lili I did end up making an S rank version of it. (No unbirth focus though sadly)

As for the threads question? I mean I play everything at least a little bit. But I would love to play with Unbirth and Variax more.


But that was the main point for me!

Really I didn’t ever manage to make a dedicated Unbirth deck. By dedicated I mean the one closing at least half of the matches with the combo and not with other wincons.


I would like to play kind of minion based shidai ( that is not arcanysts!!!)


In your defense, Unbirth is pretty inconsistent even in dedicated decks. Often you just stomp the opponent with Dying Wish swarm, Chakram, MechaZ0r etc. depending on whatever you’re playing, before getting to the combo (if you don’t drag the game out on purpose).


I would have loved to play pre-nerf Deceptib0t but I arrived too late to the party.



I actually have something for you there: Backstab Shidai. It comes in two different builds, depending on whether you prefer the explosiveness of Shadow Waltz or the value of Horned Mask:

I’ve always said that if you look at what the Spellswords actually do instead of just treating them as spell procs, Shidai is naturally suited to be the general for a Backstab deck. Maybe slightly more so for an general-focused list with Mask of Shadows, but she synergizes well enough with Backstab minions.


For me, it’s Zohan 's Artifact Ilena deck.
It just feel so satisfying to see his replays and make me want to play.

It’s not budget issue.
It’s just like “Okay i’ll try this next”, but never happened and then i forgot this deck exist until this thread pop up. lol

Credit : https://duelspot.com/deck/zohans-artifact-ilena/


Same for me with pre-nerf Variax :cry: I had some really bad luck with the orbs back then…


My love I never got to try was Facemonkey. Back when Zirix had wind dervish bbs and I did not yet play the game. The epitome of aggro.

I dont have lists for any of the following decks, only ideas, which is why I didnt play them. I mean, I tried most of them, but I was either retarded or the idea itself is terrible.

Replacer anything; White Widow is one of my favorite sprites, and I also like Theobule, which I crafted one of and forever regretted because I could never make the deck work.

Sphyinx deck, somehow- Screw replacing or gain sentinel spell cast procs- Abyssian can probably do this best. I swear its been 6 months of playing duelyst trying to open Sphyinxes out of my core-pack exclusive investments, and I opened only one. Fucking signs or something.

Some sort of tempo-aggro Reva deck without Bakezori and with Painter and Zendo. That might be kind of a weird combination or description, I dont know, I never really played songhai. Guess thats my next ribbon.

Fucking Ascension Mech Sajj, lmao, I thought, you already have Neurolink for flying, why not also for Ranged, Forcefield and Frenzy too
It did not work
But I dont want to give it up

And a ton of other jank like Sajj with Iris Barrier and Sellsoul and Arid Unmaking, or Ascension Sajj with Lodestar as trial completion condition, Artifact Faie/Ilena (not Zohan’s deck), Location Faie/Ilena with all possible positioning tools, Wizard Vet, Keeper Songhai, Hatefurnace Mech, and I cant remember anything else right now.

every Wanderer. People hate it so I feel bad playing it. Which doesnt stop me from playing Wanderless, which is cool, but not exactly the same thing.


Oh damn, those Sajj ideas. :+1: I’ll check Lodestar :sweat_smile:


BTW, also always wanted to try this in conjunction with infiltrate.


Logging in now to actually look at the decklists I have saved, I found one called Alplod’s Ascension, thats in my roadmap :rabbit:

Other ideas I tried

A swarm version of Ascension Zirix with golems, Portal Guardian, Pax, Striker + Neurolink (bonus if you also get Frenzy out of Portal), Inner Oasis, Oblivion Sickle + Autarch’s Gifts
Abyssian decks trying to get an 8 mana Shadow Reflection hit + Cadence with ranged minions or durable bodies people ignore such as 1/4s
Some hyperaggro Horror Buster stuff with Dreamgazer for deck thinning + Buster proc chance, and Wizard Cass with Munch and Azalea (how could I forget)
Decks with Vanar openings like Protosensor/Jaxi/Gravity Well + Mark of Solitude

But here’s some hot bullshit- Wizard Pantheran Reliquarian- you use Abjudicators to discount your wishes, pack yourself with Curse, BoA, Duskweaver, Star’s Fury and Zirix’s bbs to bestow with wishes to control the board and-or get chip damage in, with Staff and Bone Swarm helping you get to a point in which Panth/Reliquarian 10 burst damage will be enough that youre very close to winning


My good man I think I’ve got something for you.

This is a deck I used to run with scarzig but figured that I won quite a few without procing him (wanderer, and when I didn’t draw the sequence).

Runs the painter zendo + ke package, poison panddo and jammers.
Seeker squad + shiro won me quite a few games in the no aoe meta.

You can always replace it with second self for more poison panddo.

Ohh ki beholder is personal favorite, adds a little of control and keeps the opponent in range for your ranged duders to stay a threat.

I never reached s with it, the deck is kinda hard to pilot since everything is a combo, I did however reached diamond 1.5 with it (for me it is good enough).


Flawless reflection seraphim and pre nerf seraphim. I found the combo really cool. and seraphim itself would have let me play any stupid spell I wanted and get away with it. The full refund was too good to pass up though, so I spirited it


seeker squad lmao
youre not even running canonneer
Songhai is still somewhat incomprehensible to me, especially the three big little spells, MDS JUX IF
Like, when should I be keeping or replacing them
When is IF worth it
How do I keep card advantage with this bullshit