What Is Rift Mode? - A Basic Guide


Hey everyone, Alexicon1 here with a run-down on the new game-mode we’ve been blessed with thanks to the guys at Counterplay.

What is Rift?
Rift is a continuous draft format that starts with a basic deck for a given General, that is slowly upgraded by opening packs awarded within the format. You get to choose a General out of 4 options presented to you. Experience is awarded to your “Rift Run” (RR) as you play games (regardless of the outcome) and each time you level up you unlock an Upgrade (Your first run is free and comes with 5 upgrades). Upgrades come in the form of a pack of 6 cards (1 Legendary, 1 Epic, 2 Rares and 2 Commons) from which you can choose one card to replace a card that’s currently in your deck.

The card you replace is gone forever from your deck (unless you re-draw it in a pack and want to put it back in) and the new card is put into your deck. The other 5 cards disappear and won’t be seen again unless drawn in a new pack. Even cooler is that the cards don’t have to be from your faction/neutral card pool, they can be from any faction. This opens up huge possibilities for some funky deckstuffs. NOTE: These cards aren’t added to your collection, they only exist within the individual Rift Runs, so it is possible to use cards that aren’t in your collection in the Runs (similar to Gauntlet).

If you don’t like the pack that you drew because the RNG Gods weren’t friendly, you can reroll it for 25 Spirit, allowing for those players that have massive stockpiles of Spirit to have something to use it on. However, if the pack is good, but not for the General you are currently using, you can store the upgrade, allowing it to be used in lieu of opening a pack in a later Rift Run. You can’t use a Stored Upgrade (you have 10 slots for them) on another currently active Run.

Every RR starts with a rating/MMR of 400, that is increased/decreased by approximately 20-30 points each time you win/lose a game respectively. Matchmaking will attempt to pair you with an opponent with a similar rating and level (level is unconfirmed) After a game, a certain amount of experience is awarded. The experience required to advance a level increases as your levels increase (Experience required = level x 10).

Because I love you all, I deliberately tanked an RR in order to drop my rating to 0, as presumably the run would end there and we would receive rewards. It took 5 losses in a row from 400 to drop to 250, another 2 to drop to 200, another 5 to descend to 100, and another 7 heartbreaking losses to drop to 0, meaning that it takes a loss-streak of 19-20 to reach 0 from the starting point. As we can see, this is very rarely going to happen, which is strange because aren’t there meant to be rewards?

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there aren’t any rewards for Rift, apart from the fact that you can complete your daily quests without having to sabotage your ladder climb. And even more interesting is that your run doesn’t end once your rating plateaus at 0. You can continue playing with no visible hindrance. It was confirmed on Discord by devs that this is intended to be more of a chill mode, so this may be our casual queue, folks.

Also, it appears there is no way to retire a Rift Run, so we send our thoughts and prayers to @t2k5 who had over 13 runs within the first 10 minutes trying to get Argeon as his General. From what we’ve seen so far, there may not be a level cap, and you can keep track of the leaders over at Bagoum’s live Rift ladder!

This is the basic run-down, and I’ll be continuing with it to be posted on 9moons.gg very soon. If you have any questions you want answered relating to Rift, feel free to comment below and I’ll try and include an answer in the article


Rift Mode Feedback
What if you could have a wildcard slot?

The king under the mountain is back!


Repost from the feedback thread:

Bug workaround update: You can bypass the bug where card gems don’t appear by clicking where the “re-roll” button should be. It costs the spirit for a re-roll, but you no longer have a dead run due to the bug.


Thank you for the guide!
There could be a season-end ladder-like reward for this mode.


If there’s any suggestion, that’s the best!


Something i noticed that when you replace a card is what the factions of your 6 potential replacements are.

2 from your generals faction, 2 neutral faction, and 2 random faction. The random faction can include your faction and neutral faction.


I did not understand how I can use the card from the upgrade (, which is to click one card you like in there), so I just chose to store all of my upgradeds, thinking that was my only option. Nnow I am left with a basic deck, unless I pay for anothe run. I wish it had some tooltips. Ruined the fun. :frowning:


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