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What is required to achieve "sufficient gameplay"


Losings rarely fun, usually it doesn’t bother me, and there are the rare great game where the match was so good I didn’t even care that I lost in the end, but the majority of time I come away at best neutral, at worst, feeling a little down/frustrated, when I lose. Now thats just a part of any competitive game to be sure, but it always helps ease the sting a little if, upon determining victory is no longer possible, I can simply concede, regroup, and start fresh working toward a possible victory again. Unfortunately, I occasionally find in Duelyst that in doing so, I get a message advising me I performed insufficient game-play and thus neither get exp for my time, nor got credit for my daily challenges, the latter in particular being a bother since I have very little free time during the week and thus struggle to complete my daily challenges. In effect, salt has just been rubbed into the wound of my loss.

The result has been one of two things, either I play out certain losses till my opponent finishes me, an extremely slow, boring, and torturous process that seems to exponentially increase my negative feelings with each passing turn, or I just concede anyway, crossing my fingers that I met whatever gameplay requirement, and then feeling like I’ve just been punched in the gut whenever I’m advised I didn’t achieve it.

Now I can understand why, in a game like this, you might have something to prevent instant quitting, but I’m curious if its known exactly what the requirements are for a game to qualify for challenges and xp, so that I can know what I need to achieve before I concede, rather then never doing it, or far too often probably doing it a turn before the game would have qualified.


i have no idea, i have gotten points from auto concedes that end the match before turn 1, and not gotten points from winning on turn 2


If you lose by the six mana turn


Isn’t the point of the mechanic to not have players get xp and quests without actually playing a game? Isn’t that the why we’re not told, so that we actually try to play the full game?

Though, I once thought there was no way to win from my position (had bad hand, opponent had insane hand) and so decided to concede, but apparently it was too early :frowning2: so I see what you are saying.


I pursued this question once after getting no exp. by getting legitimately killed on turn 3 by an insane hand (back in the days of draw-2.) The devs informed me that it’s actually a pretty complex formula that takes several factors into account, and it’s deliberately kept secret so that it cannot be exploited.


What Arannthi said, and with that being said I am going to lock the thread as it has been answered and we also do not want to promote early concedes.

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