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What if you could have a wildcard slot?


Which form do buildings appear when summoned from Apex? Imagine getting a built Gate or two at 7 mana :smiley:


Brings back Rift memories :slight_smile:

I remember Magmar with any of Songhai positioning spells (MDS, Jux) was devastating :roll_eyes:


I had artireva with dawn’s eye and regalia in rift. Was quite OK.


Mine was Artifaie with the Songhai ranged artifact, Bangle, Ankh and Snowpiercers + lots of extra burn


Sounds fun! I hope they can bring this back some day.


I just love how almost all the disgusting combos mentioned here are facilitated by Songhai cards.

I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
I’m wanted dead or alive
Wanted dead or alive


Well, then I’d want to use Strategos in Lilithe.


Too obvious. :wink:


Cheater :stuck_out_tongue:  


next closest thing would be priestess in strategos brome


aggro zirix but also with Holy Immolation to play on curve with Rae


6x Makantor in ALL my magmar decks :smiley:


Auroaras tears or time spiral artihai

6 daemonic lures in ALL my abyss decks :smiley:


Holy Immolation for my aggro Faie…

how do YOU like it now, Lyonar? I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE that card :hairage:


3x Mist Dragon Seal to combo with Vorpal and Furored Thunderhorns, Purgatoses and Revenants :slight_smile:


Oh no, not the furor MDS Revenant, that is an OTK and a half


Requires a two-turn combo and your artifact to survive though, so it’s actually fair. Vorpal MDS on the other hand would be pretty opressive, with Shadow Reflection that’s 24 damage if your Vorpal survives a turn anywhere on the board.


verdant fulmination would be oppressive in a swarm list.


Ragnora Strateggos… the moment when Lavaslasher transform into Makantor… Ragebinder into Gigaloth…


dance of memes strategos :sweat: