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What if you could have a wildcard slot?


Let’s say the deck construction rules now allows you to have a wildcard slot in your deck. You can add 3 copies of any non-Trial card from any faction in this wildcard slot.

What would you play? Would it be broken?

If factions could use the cards of other factions

What’s a wildcard?


Dance of Dreams would take Snowchaser and become a trivial 6 mana 3 card combo for infinite Damage.

Swarmking Scarab is going to love getting rush from Assassin Protocol.

Nimbus would appreciate getting Flashed out P2T1.

DW Abyss will nab Aymara Healer :sweat:

8G8S and Mantra will probably want to get Boneswarm.

BurnHorn will be happy to accept Dark Seed.

ArtiHai might be interested in a high attack artifact like Adamanite Claws or maybe Soul Grimwar.

Smash Vaath would kill to get his hands on Cyclone Mask.


It’s like a two sentence post, man.

Anyway sounds fun until your opponent MDS’s a Vorpal Reaver to your face. Then it’s very, very not fun.

In fact, I’m almost positive MDS would be good in just about every deck I have.


Oh wow yes, all of this seems quite brutal.
I now remember that one time getting a Wildfire Ankh from Grincher when playing Vaath, and that was not fun for the opponent.

Me I was just thinking about how I’d use Juxtaposition everywhere, but obviously more decisive mix-ups are available.


So 3 of any faction card gets shuffled into the deck?


Yes. Enjoy creativity


Trial maehv could use Arid unmaking for even more bodies
Zirix with Chakram
Vaath with Concealing Shroud
Swarm lilithe with Verdant Fulmination could ve the top meme


I always wanted to have 8g8s or crescent spear in burn Faie.


Obelysk Zirix with Chakram :sweat:


Give me Kelaino in Healyonar !

Also Doom players would love cards like Concealing Shroud


I can run some Gravity Wells with Strategos.


Kelaino in ziran, making Sunrisers otk your opponent:sweat:


Mindlathe with Ciphyron because it makes sense.


i think 8g8s and mantra would enjoy void pulse more than boneswarm.

just like aggro cassy would just love crescent spear

hyperswarm lilithe would just adore dance of memes

doom + pandatentiary would be top tier memes

cypheron would kill some nightsorrow assassins

can you imagine using chakram and rebuke as a combo?

can you imagine steadfast formation on some unbuilt void talons or abyssal juggernauts?

or flicker in vaath


Sajj with daws eye!
And any Magmar with tusk boar


I would run Malicious Wisp in every deck because I’m a psychopath.


makantor in literally every deck


Makantor with argeon BBs :joy:


evolutionary apex in abyssian, if you can get furor chakram on and have rev in hand just imagine the carnage :sirpenti: