What if we had a poll every month to decide nerf/buffs to cards?


I question how cards are nerfed/buffed by CP as seen in the 1.74 patch, and other patches before like 1.61 Overhaul patch. I personally liked the Kara change the most, but the others were uncalled in my opinion.
I think there should be a better way for developers and community to communicate and decide what and how card changes are implemented.
Although a poll would have the largest reach and sample pool, there are many problems with this method as it can be exploited by biased voting, forecasting and possible rigging.

Perhaps an experimental version of the game as seen in other games? Where Developers make changes to existing card designs, mechanics and faction themes and allow players to comment on how these changes impact the game. But, this would be extremely resource intensive, especially for small company that is CP.

What do guys think?
What are your some ideas to make balance changes or card changes more impactful and interesting?

I know you can’t make everyone happy, but l love this game and community.


I think it’s good to give the developer’s feedback on community opinions, but it’s their game in the end - communities are reactionary and often don’t understand what the real problem is. Wintermu7e is in Discord if folks want to make proposals, and I plan on talking to him a lot in the future. :slight_smile:


I think, realistically, only S players should be able to vote. Since they make up a very small portion of the overall community and gaming communities/the internet/society has way too many huge ego, uneducated idiots, this system, while probably effective, would likely piss off way too many people who feel entitled and qualified to vote (even though they aren’t…).


Feedback is good, which is why we have the Nerf/rework thread every month.

Actually using the community to balance itself will lead to horror, design by commitee or by the most vocal people is never a good idea.


Tyranny of the majority vocal minority. TBH I trust the developers on balancing this game more than any player.


God please no. I mean hell no.


Polls are almost exclusively a vocal minority. Not to mention the community itself more often than not has no idea what it wants and is extremely prone to overreacting, and not looking at things objectively and in larger picture. So no thanks.


I’d rather they make a test build with a separate forum branch where people could provide feedback on potential changes.


Wait, aren’t you the guy constantly addressing the already existing monthly poll on cards that needs a rework as witch hunt? Lol

Anyway i guess it’s kinda fine as it is. Cp do read reddit and this forums and do care about the feedback, and that’s it. Now the devs should do the devs and the players the players. I’ve read so many silly comments on cards being op while experience and common sense proved that they were not. Then how could you chose which opinion are worthy of attention and which not? Should the devs (of a small company) waste time reading the comments of bronze players? What could be a solution? Take only tournament winners and make them test the card before the changes go live? It wont work anyway with cp resources i guess.

Hearing the voice of everyone is fine but at the end of the day only the devs have the competence and skill to determine wheter or not to change, and how, a card


At least 90% of the game community has no background in game desing. You don’t let people who don’t know game desing desing your game.


Yeah. The monthly poll sadly becomes a breeding ground for misinformation and biased opinion as the month passes on, and I get very tilted when I shift through the echo chamber of people’s ignorance and tantrums. There are good commenters on that post, but they mostly drowned out by vocal community.


I am sure the devs have ways to gauge public opinion, and, way more important, gameplay experience.
They can create polls, should they feel the need.

It’s their job to craft the best experience possible for all the players (and potential new players), within the limits of their vision of how their game should be.

Of course, people are free to create polls like this and make posts about any cards they want, and I am sure it will be read, and filtered intelligently, debated internally and examined from all possible angles.

So, go ahead and take the initiative if you want, but don’t try to make it something more than just a person of the community creating a poll for a bit of an indication.


The game should be balanced from the meta data the dev’s have access to, not from opinion of the community.
That not to say the community can’t highlight an issue, or even suggest solution, but it can never go beyond that.


It’s an interesting idea, and we are always down to hear your guys feedback and suggestions for balance or otherwise (I personally read every single thread and post that has ever shown up on this forum so if you’ve had a suggestion it has at the least been seen) but it’s very doubtful we would go down a path like you are suggesting where balancing is left up to community votes.


Leaving balancing to community would make the game an unplayable piece of thrash. Don’t be fooled by all those compains, game is awesome piece of art, and it’s a good idea to let professionals do their jobs.


Players are wrong A lot so no.Remember when Iron cliff heart broke the game?Remember when Grincher broke the game? Remember when Unseven broke the game? What no you guys don’t remember this? Yeah because it didn’t happen but if you read the forums you would these cards was going to cause the apocalypse.

CP doesn’t always get it right but they have access to data we don’t have and they have knowledge of future cards and they adjustment they can make after so they are clearly the better option.

Now the only thing I would like to see more open communication about cards and balance.It wouldn’t have killed them to come on forums and say we are aware of Kron and we are working different solutions.Or say least deck isnt meeting their expectation like Eggmar,Growmar or Creep nobody can sell me that these decks are meeting their expectations .Starhorn and Ziran aren’t remotely close to competitive some sort of feedback would be nice.

I would like know what their vision is for classes and balance because it isn’t clear at times and tons of new players around it is about time restate what vision for the factions are supposed to be.