What if Walls could block ranged attacks?


The idea is that Walls can block ranged attacks, as long as they’re in the path of the projectile.

What if your own ranged attacks are unaffected by your own Walls?

How would this impact gameplay?


Vanar would suddenly be great against Mechazor and Reva decks. Too bad other factions don’t have walls


What if flying units could could hover over other units?

The idea is that flying units can hover over other units, ie occupy the same space because they’re flying.

What if they could only hover over friendly units?

How would this effect gameplay?

Asking such what-if questions doesn’t really bring any good discussion. Especially when the mechanic itself is confusing, probably hard to implement, not really interesting and doesn’t bring anything to the game at this point in time. Like mentioned, It makes few very specific matches slightly into wall’s favor but that’s about it.


its just an idea posted in a forum. is there a need to be so disparaging?


Do you think Vanar could use a slight edge like that?

I havent played long enough to consider how something like that would affect the rest of the game so i’m looking for any possible imbalance it could cause.

I’ll try to draw up something to have visual reference of how it would work

Dont worry about it, just report the troll and move on