What if there was a "War" mode?


“War Mode” I’m talking about having every minion and spell from your faction in your deck, having 50 health, starting with 4 mana (going all the way to 20, gaining 2 a turn), doubling the hand size, drawing 2 cards per turn, and having a huge battlefield. This would actually just be a fun thing to do with friends, casually, but it could be really fun. It would make some cards really strong, and some weaker, but in the end this would be a cool distraction from ladder.

What do you guys think?

“BattleField Mode” We could also have a mode where you start with certain minions on the field, kinda like final fantasy tactics, but have only certain ones to choose from. Like, vetruvian could choose from Falcius, wind shrikes, obelysks, and possibly a new unit, like a 1/1 “Artifact carrier.” when it gets to your general, it gives them a random artifact. This would also be cool!

Tell me your thoughts.


I’m all about new and crazy game modes, screw balance and let me airdrop 6 ironcliffes on the front lines of a battlefield.

Turns would take forever


Warp in legions upon legions of dervishes


oh god stars fury would be OP as hell

rewrite it as stars fury - 5 mana spell - crash your opponents computer


At first glance at your response, I was going to say, not like six ironcliffes, and recommend, like silverguard knights and windblade adepts, then i thought, WHY NOT.

Cards would definitely have to be nerfed. Think of decimate. EVERYTHING, WIPED. INSTANTLY. Or CoD.


Since turns would take forever, we could have like, fun things to do, like chat with our opponents. Of course we would only be allowed to Roleplay as our faction. Argeon against Lilithe, THY SHALL BE SMITED, as we use true strike over and over on their variax.


even a 4 person free for all on a double sized map would be nuts


There’s no way to balance this without outright banning SEVERAL cards.


Let’s try to list every op card this mode would enable.
Stars fury
Bloodrage mask
Rite of the undervault
Circle of dessication
Chrysalis burst
All aoe damage


You forgot CoD. In a mode like this it would actualy see play.


Any mode that is for “fun” specially without rewards doesn’t really need balancing


Obliterate. Eh?


Obliterate doesn’t really change that much, slight bump since aoe in this mode is super strong, but it still requires the same amount of work to set up, unlike stars fury or decimate.


Yes. Double yes. I was thinking the war mode could be 4 players, 2v2. Each player would be one general. Like one player would be argeon, his teammate would be Ziran.


plasma storm,
sky phalanx,
daemonic lure,
deathwatch in general,
variax + creep,
Kron might make a comeback,
that lyonar thing that makes everything airdrop,
astral phasing,
corpse combustion,


So everyone does remember Blast is a thing right?


SHHHHH. Don’t need to tell everyone! Plus, we’d need some way of getting rid of far away things.


Circle of dessication removes any and all pesky ranged value minions


for all you mana, that is


In the original post, the suggestion is that everything would be doubled, including mana available