What if :Every Minion has Rush?


this is just a for fun thread, i want to know what would happen if every hero HP are increased to 150 and every minion in the game naturally can move the turn they are played?

won’t big minion be very useful? yes it will break the game but is there any positive thing that could happen?


it would nerf every rush minion, thats a plus


now that i think about it…


It wouldn’t be bad, although, literally everything would need rebalanceing


Comming from yugioh and pokemon tcg where you could atack any turn, (provided you have the energy for it in PTCG) I’ve always found it a little unsettling that you had to wait a turn to attack on MTG or HS.

I guess it’s the different mechanics that make those games need a “warm up” turn for minions/creatures. I didn’t (nor will, at least at the moment) consider what would change in the game if you didn’t have to wait a turn to attack, but I know that I would be more comfortable


Then it’d be a Tavern Brawl.


yeah, everything would need rebalancing.
arctic displacer would be super strong
ironcliffe DB would be frightening,
how would that even effect sarlac or bloodmoon priestesses wraithlings? infinite punches?
mechazor would be top tier again.


ah yeah, things that are summoned by minions can’t move immediately maybe?


Imagine a BMPriestess + DFC on smth, yeahhh


I will use Onyx Bear Seal on 3 of my own minions, and hide in a corner with my adorable pandas. You can’t attack me! All hail Songhai! XD


one word… geomancer

also warbird

also tempest

also a lot of things like letting shadow creep fill the board, pinging away your panddos before smashing you with the biggest juggernaut you have ever seen


I know there are ways to bypass that. I just want to dream. Lol. Speaking of dream, wouldn’t the Twin Fang, Dance of Dreams Combo be so much better without needing Kujata?


Blood Taura is looking pretty high on the mana curve.


Phalanxar would be preeettttty good.


wouldnt even need twin fang. just spam weak minions that make you draw more weak minions and play all of them… wait there isnt enough mana for that without the kujata.


True enough, I guess Sarlac and Bloodmoon Priestess would be the biggest offenders like you said.


i said minion that are summoned by other minion in any way shape or form won’t be able to move, wouldn’t that solve the bloodmoon priestess sarlac madness?


It would help, I guess Voice of the Wind fits that category too. And now those pesky Obelysks won’t be able to move either…wait a minute. XD


Yes, Sarlac and Bloodmoon are the only problems
Whispers to black locust
Finally, it is our time to shine!

Perhaps if rush happens when the unit is PLAYED rather than summoned would fix this.


The game would change to such a massive degree that I think it’s not even possible to theorize what could possibly happen. The only thing that would surely happen is an absolute chaos.