What I ultimately don't like about about card games and what Duelyst better about it


I played a match just now. Control Magmar (Me) VS Lyonar. I had a crappy hand so I replaced 2 cards. My starting hand ended up being Flash, Flash, Pandora, Makantor, and Vet Silithar. Not so crappy anymore.

Turn 1: I realized that because I was going second, I could have Flash, Flash, Pandora as my opening play. My opponent went foward and placed down a Windblade Adept. I played Pandora(3/6) towards the corner,(Spawned Ranged) and drew into an L’Kian. The only thing that would even out my play is Martyrdom. I would lose pandora, but I could start generating value off of my Envy. Sunbloom or Magnetize would both be strong plays, but I would still be crazy ahead on board presence as he would use most of his mana up, and I would still have full board control with a very strong 4 drop coming down next turn.

For Turn 2, I could either place down Vet Silithar for even more board prescence or L’kian to replenish my hand. I was pretty sure that there was literally nothing he could do if he did not have Marytyrdom. He conceded at the start of his turn after replacing.

Against my opening, there was literally nothing he could have done to not lose the game. He probably played his best but there was literally nothing he could do. The game was literally decided on my first turn. If he did not have Marytrdom to reset tempo he lost.

I don’t like this. Yeah, I was on the winning side, but I would be willing to bet $100 off of the paycheck I am going to cash in today that my opponent was pretty pissed. Duelyst is better than other card games as far as RNG and wack combos, but they still exist. I don’t think that this type of thing is healthy or fair, but I also don’t really how they could prevent them from happening. It happens extremely rarely(only time I have ever seen it) so I guess it really isn’t all that bad.

I really like the Replace feature. I always hated in HS if you get a tech card, or something that isn’t useful in the matchup it was just gonna sit there in your hand for the entire game. Replacing really cuts down on the RNG of the card draw, as you sort of have 2 options each turn.


On the other hand, using three cards on your first turn is a big disadvantage that will affect future turns, even if you were lucky enough to draw a LKian.


I agree with the sentiment, but this is unavoidable in card games. It can be minimized by reducing the power of overly powerful cards, but not eliminated.

I think it’s pretty obvious what the problem card is in the scenario you described. :slight_smile: Cards that speed up the playing of oversized minions – especially when they themselves are free – always cause these sorts of issues. There’s a reason that Black Lotus and the Moxes were removed from early MTG – they could lead to first turn kills. That can’t happen here, but you can easily generate a situation where, as you said, the opponent has virtually no chance to recover.


this happends to me too, i play 2/2 ranged mech, and if they don’t have an answer it wins me the game almost every time, i can then buff it into a 5/5 with aspect and at that point they can’t do much i just keep getting more value


Maybe Flash Reincarnation shouldn’t stack.


Well, Decimate exists, depending on how you placed the Pandora. I like to run Decimate in my Lyonar lists, but I like playing control.


A simple solution would be to make the effects non stacking.
Flash Reincarnation and Darkfire Sacrifice would be changed to the way Mana Vortex is, doesn’t give you a 2 mana discount on a spell if you use 2.
I was also considering making it so that Flash doesnt proc effects that require the minion to be damaged, like the flash taygete frostbone naga effect or the skorn amp combo. However that might reduce the self damage synergy in the faction a bit too much.


Ah, I forgot about decimate. I honestly don’t remember if Pandora was nearby or if I dropped him before I moved towards the center. I don’t get why that card isn’t played at all. I have 1 copy but I have never seen it played at all.


No one plays it becaus most people who play Argeon go for the fattie + DB finisher. Deci is used for more control oriented decks, of which there are a few, very few on ladder.


I think its a very well designed card.

Your class minions are generally going to be nearby for the zeal effect, and your general is likely to stay nearby your other minions so he can BBS them.

You have magnetize to save your own minions or to pull enemies away from the enemy general before taking a step back and blasting the field down.

I love everything about the Lyonar faction I just don’t like Divine Bond.