What happens when you give Faie an AWSOME Bloodborn spell?


When the set was released, Variax was my favourite card by far. She was a large minion with an interesting permanent effect that altered games. However, why keep her in Abyssian? Shouldn’t the other factions also have this power?

So, I devised a way to use her Opening gambit in Vanar:

Step 1: cast Enfeeble on Variax
Step 2: Use Zen’rui to steal a 1/1 Variax
Step 3: Hailstone Prision the 1/1 Variax to get it into your hand
Step 4: Play the hailstoned Variax

The result?


Just kidding :sweat_smile: They get upgraded Shadowspawn (Lilith spell) no matter what the condition is. It seems that Shadowspawn is the default “better” BBS, and the game checks for Cassyva to upgrade it to “better” Abyssal Scar.

As a side note: Upgraded Shadowspawn does not make wraithlings 5/5s if you do not have enough space to summon 2 wraightlings. So, if your general is completely surrounded, and there are unbuffed wraithlings elsewhere, the spell does nothing.


Interesting, would’ve been really cool to have different ones for different generals.
What would you have as upgraded BBS’s for each general?


Can we make like a poll for Counterplay to realise this thread and make it having interesting interactions with all generals?


To be fair, really only Vanar can do it through a series of hard to perform combos.

Faie: Deal 4 damage to all enemies in the general’s column and row.
Kara: spawn 10 Nerfs threads.


Awesome warbird- dispel and deal 2 damage to every enemy in the enemy generals row and column.

Awesome kinetic surge- give every friendly minion summoned this turn +2/1 and rush

Awesome overload - your general and all friendly minions gain +3/3

Awesome seeking eye - draw 2 cards, your opponent mills 2 cards.

Awesome psionic strike- all enemy minions are stunned and dispelled.

Awesome summon dervish- summon a wind dervish near ALL minions and generals.

Awesome blink -teleport ANY minion or general to any space.

Awesome heartseeker- summon 2 heart seekers and all friendly ranged minions become deadly(+death strike seal)

Awesome roar - give all friendly minions +3/0. Nearby friendly minions are protected (spell shield and forcefield)

Awesome heal - heal all friendly minions to full, the amount healed is then restored to your general and dealt to your opponents general.


Why u gotta make psionic so weak man, something against vetruvian i see ._.


Well, fine… I’ll make it more broken than the rest of them


Actually, Magmar can also do this with Mind Steal or Egg Morph + Zen’Rui, Vetruvian with Hexblade/Blindscorch + Psychic Conduit/Zen’Rui or Mirage Master or Dominate Will.

I didn’t find how to do it for Lyonar or Songhai.

Since it’s still Variax that gives the power of AWESOME, I believe the new bbs should be tainted by this. Bbs would gain a slight Abyssian taste.

Seeking Eye: each player draws to fill hand. One Horror is summoned in a random spot around each general for each card drawn this way.
Overload: for each minion that dies this turn, your general gains 4 ATK.

Psionic Strike: your general gains Flight, Frenzy, Blast and Forcefield this turn.
Wind Shroud: summon a Fiend in each empty space around your general.

Let’s be silly :>
(I really like Sajj’s version.)


Yooooo, I’d vote you in as president just for that Sajj idea!


Who owns the Horrors?

Also since it’s an opening gambit you can’t use the effect unless it’s put back in your hand thus only Vanar can do it with Hailstone Prison :cry:. Other wise really like the Psionic Strike one.

Awesome Heartseeker: Summon a Rage’s Acolyte: 3/2 Ranged Opening Gambit all spells in your deck are 1 mana phoenix fires, draw 2 cards.


Damn you’re right. So it does mean only Faie and Kara :<

Ok, well Vanar it is then.

Warbird: deal 3 damage to every enemy in the enemy general’s row and column. For each enemy minion destroyed this way, summon a Fiend on their space.
Kinetic Surge: every friendly minion you summon this turn has ‘Deathwatch: gain +3/+3’.


Great experiment u did there :slight_smile: sounds like an interesting idea. Awesome Warbird, why not?


Remember that Variaxx is an opening gambit so it requires it to be placed in the user’s hand


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