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What happens to the Denizens?


Does anyone know if Shim’zar will be rotated back next expansion? Or is it rotated out forever? I assume out forever but I’m not sure


Rotated out for forever, they may reprint a few cards.


This is bad.
What are you base it on?


What devs have said in DO.


Fixed it for you.


What’s October Reva?


Counterplay to Major Kron
Counterplay to Major Kron
Don’t buy Shimzar orbs and put standard filter on
Counterplay to Major Kron (10,9,8,7)
Ban the old cards, and go release Mythron (6,5,4)
Good bye creep cass and crescent Songhai too (3,2,1,rotate)

This is Counterplay to Major Kron,
You really broke the game,
And the players want to know if you are banned
You must leave so our card pool can expand

This is Major Kron to Counterplay,
I can no longer stay,
And I’m in a format where I won’t be used
And there’s no more combos for me to abuse

For here,
I am sitting in eternal
Not in any decks
The meta’s really shit,
But I’ll have to deal with it


…well, now…I guess that’s that.
Here’s a version…


In October 2016 Reva ruled the meta with an iron fist, or so I’ve heard. She had 0 mana Inner Focus, Mana Vortex that draws a card, 1 mana BRM and possibly other things I’m not aware of. They say she would usually kill you with massive burst very quickly (around T3 iirc) with little to no counterplay.

I started playing duelyst in November 2016 so I didn’t personally get to see Reva in her full glory, the above paragraph is based solely on the information I’ve managed to find about that time and may be slightly inaccurate.


no youre right

october reva is 70% the reason i dont play songhai

got PTSD from that shit

p1t1 katara. t2 brm mds backstab(5) if mv ke backstab(9) with 5 from brm. then ending with 3 cards in hand

t2 and you just did an uncounterable 19 damage with a 6/8 on board while your opponent has at best a 3 drop or 2 2 drops

The Purification Crusade

October’s Reva is 70% of the reason why I play Songhai.




Coooommmmeeeee bbaaaacccckkkkkk…

Weeee aaaarrreeee ssshhhhhiiiittt nnnoooowwww

Jjooooooiiiinnnn uuuusssss ttoooo ccrruuuhssshhh ttthhhhee sswwwwaaaarrrmmmmmssssss…


Going to hop in very soon. :wink:


why is it even called rotation in the first place if it’s not going back?


The sets are being pushed out, in card games it has always been reffered to as that.


okay but why is it called rotation? why did card games call it rotation? i bet i can think of 12 less misleading words for saying “we’re making 1/4 of your card collection useless so we can sell more cards and people will be okay or not okay with it depending on how well made the nex expansion is, or how much memes we can distract people with”



Can you help us here, this is a big deal putting timer on this amount on cards.
Will shimzar be back on the next set that is rotated or not?


Long answer, read this thread:

Short answer:

No, Shimzar has been permanently rotated from Standard play and will not return there unless CPG decides against rotating sets.


Its called rotation because one set of cards is being removed (I.E. Shimzar) in place of another (Mythron) and any future expanions. They are probably following a hearthstone rotation schedule of 3 expansions per year where they stay in for around two years before rotating them out into unlimited.

It prevents the game from being stale with a purely consistent meta and turning the game into a “These five decks are the best decks and thus the only decks you should play.”