What happened to Zen' Rui


Two months ago, zen’rui was rampant in the meta. Why did it disappear? I haven’t seen it at all since the start of October


Kron happened. It is just the best 5 slot period, often replacing in faction stuff.


he evolved into hollow grovekeeper


I can see the resemblance


I don’t even remember it being rampant in the meta 2 months ago. What I remember then was people complaining how it’s an extremely broken card despite it not seeing enough play to justify it. Exactly the same thing that is happening today.

It’s just one of those cards that due to it’s effect can sometimes win games almost on their own and people remember those situations and use them as basis to why the card is too strong rather than looking at it’s average performance.

The card is still being run, if anything, it’s better than 2 months ago due to all the damn Songhai. Sure, it’s also a 5 drop like Kron but that’s irrelevant. Who says you’re allowed to have only three cards in that slot?


Kron stole the 5 mana slot and Cassyva isn’t top tier anymore, so teching against Kelaino is less useful. Now I think about it, Dioltas is probably played less too.


Kron happened, and everyone just slaps in 3x Kron in ANY deck, and then proceed to complain about Reva Spellhai lol


And this is exactly why I run 2 Siphon, 2 Shroud and stopped complaining about Spellhai xD