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What grinds my gears


I love Duelyst, I really do. However, there’s something I’ve been wondering since I’ve started playing, and I’d like to know if you agree/disagree with me, also I’d love to know if the devs are considering changing any of the following which grind my gears, in the near future :

  1. More quest spaces !!! I can’t make it every day, I wish I could, but I cannot, at least not that amount of time.
  2. More varied quests ! play against a friend ? change 10 cards ?
  3. Allowing me to win or lose in under 2 minutes and the game to count. It feels terrible when a songhai eliminates me in 3 turns and I don’t even get my game to count for the quest.
  4. KEYS ! are those mystery treasures going to be there until I buy keys with real money for their number to disappear from the main menu ? and then… again ?

In my opinion, these should be the highest priority… getting the expansion out there should be secondary compared to fixing these issues that would considerably increase the pleasure of playing the game ( I’ll hold my friends responsible for agreeing with me, but won’t go further :slight_smile: ) .

Anyhow, a big hand to the duelyst devs ! and lots of love from just another player.


For the Mystery Crates and their notification, you can get T2k5’s scripts - one of them is to disable/hide that number.
You can get it on from this thread (instructions are there too) - T2k5’s helper scripts

Also, you get an orb as a one-time achievement for playing with a friend.

  1. Welcome back quest exists. It doesn’t fully compensate but it’s good enough.
  2. Playing against a friend isn’t a quest, it’s just what HS made to compensate for the low amount of gold they give. Duelyst is already generous enough as it is, there is no need for quests that are there purely to give you free stuff with zero time investment from your side. Not that I would mind, but it makes no sense. Change 10 cards, what does that even mean?
  3. Those instances are extremely really rare. Won’t deny it’s annoying. But it also isn’t a big of an issue. Something has to be done so people just don’t concede for quests, and the current system is working pretty well so far.
  4. Yes. If that really bothers you there is a mod that removes the number next to “mystery crates” in the main menu.

These should not be the highest priorities, they are just some minor gripes of yours. There is always improvements that can be made, but not improving the ones above in due time probably won’t result in the game dying.


Welcome back got stealth nerfed to 5g a quest tho… I guess it still compensates a little.

I hate stealth nerfs.


First win of the day got changed to 25 > 20, and there was added a daily challenge which rewards 5 gold to make things effectively the same. I never heard about welcome back quest getting changed.