What faction to switch to?


Looking for a new faction to play. I’ve tried countless Magmar builds, but everything just falls short and it’s too frustrating to play this meta.

Did anyone else have this problem and switched to a faction they enjoyed?


Magmar is also considered quite strong now, as for the meta, it has always been frustrating. Just try taking a break and maybe playing your favorite faction without being too obsessed on winning, maybe that’ll help out.


Magmar and quite strong? Meh… But I agree that you should Stick with the faction if you enjoy playing them, but also try all others factions. Currently Songhai and Vetruvian are considered to be the strongest factions.


Things like taht are subjective, but magmar has superior midgame, alot of the times i die to double makantor cause that card itself is really ridiculous imo as a vet. And thumping wave shits on you. but I guess it all depends on the card draw. And what you listed were tier 1 decks, it doesnt mean the other decks have 0 chance to win, and kara is still strong af imo, just that songhai and vet are more common


I won’t drop Magmar forever, I’m just really burnt out from it at the moment. It’s the only faction I play outside of AI and Gauntlet.

Just looking to switch things up I guess


Well, that depends, how do you like to play?

Aggro, mid-range, control?
Minion-based or out-of-hand threats?
Do you like certain themes or motifs?


i play all factions. when you fight me you will see what i call being a peacock(i have at least one of each faction ribbon.). my least two favorites are vanar and lyonar. i dislike lyonars “i need to be close to my general or i suck.” its a cool mechanic at first but playing this game so much i have thought it was crap. i cant control the field as easily with everyone huddled up in one area. i understand that controlling center can generally win you the game just like in chess, but you can also control the outer sides and destroy people.i don’t know, maybe im just complaining because its not me. vanar tends to me seem like something that i have to work my butt off to get it right or it flops.


Magmar is very competitive and I feel is the most versatile faction. There are just so many deck types it can run. Abyssian is my favorite because I love their flavor and mechanics. But I main Magmar for the creative liberty, and the fact that while they are not the strongest they don’t have bad match ups and can compete agaisnt everything. They are a stable and solid choice. But if your sick of them it comes down to playstyle. Control, aggro, midrange, or combos.

My summary of factions.
Lions: The archetypical holy Paladins. A tanky defensive faction that revolves around provoke, high health, good control spells, and their signature kill Divine Bond. Strong but predictable. Control and midrange.

Songhai: The fire ninjas: Would you rather play a magic the gathering Red deck instead of duelyst? They love to ignore the board with teleports, ranged, and high out of hand burst/burn damage. Very strong but a lot of solatire. Aggro and combo.

Vetruvian: The Egyptian Machines: Think necrons. A strong faction with a lot of value plays. They are known for having some of the most powerful midrange/high cost minions. They usualy play midrange decks and fall back on their strong value minions. The two unique things they have going for them are Obylsks the structures that summon dervishes a unit that has a lot of synergy in the faction, and alternatively they can go a dedicated artifact deck, they also have blast which is a neat take for a ranged+aoe unit. They have a lot of room for creativity but they all run the same couple power house cards, and are pretty much always mid range decks.

Abyssian: The necromancers: They summon hordes of wraithlings sacrifice them for power and love when they die with their factions signature death watch mechanic. Alternatively you have the creep which controls the board by spreading damaging tiles and has big finisher cards. Swarm has fallen out of favor since the meta has a lot of aoe, and creep while strong is very predictable. They are a versatile faction with many deck types.

Magmar: The big, fast, hard to kill dragons: Lots of control spells, the most access to rush and frenzy. They have the egg and growth mechanics which can make some some stuff hard to kill. They also have ramp. Possibly the most versatile faction.

Vanar: The Ice People? Now this faction is a little strange, it is very versatile with a lot of control and positioning stuff. Their signature mechanics revolve around which side of the board things are on. Sadly most of the time they get turned into either running face aggro with fae, or ignoring their faction and going for neutral stuff with Kara. But they can make all kinds of neat decks. Wall Vanar is the archetype that actually gets played and it’s cool, and to a lesser extent their faction unit vespers which have synergy with each other.

I am happy to help you out with anything but lions or ninjas.

Is Reva the new "old zirix"?

Really complete, and yes changing faction, if you don’ t have a good card pool is really frustating, (today tryed a lyonar deck and losed with tons of vet, like 5 game - 5 vet…-.-)

Hmmm can i ask some advice? trying to use this faction but I can find only expensive list…I’m playing from a week and all my dust (got like 105…) are gone for making some vanar stuff (my main), done the lvl 11 for the second general, my intection are to go with a healyonar deck but it is soo expensive!!

Thank you!


If your asking for Lyonar help you will need to ask someone else. I have no experience with them, and I hate them on principal as Necromancers and Paladins do not get along.

Same goes for Songhai, while I actually love their flavor and think they have cool mechanics, I beleive they go agaisnt the core mechanics of the game(the board) that set it apart from other card games. So on principal since I actually want to play duelyst and not a card game I do not play or support them…they are also THE S tier with Vet as a close second, and I have underdog syndrome.


lol sry mis-read !!
The same question is for vet, i see tons of list but only expensive…
I love the sabotage type, and seen a lots of control good list, then how can i start with this faction?!
Already done the 11 lvl, got the scarab and only few things…


Yea they are notorious for just having a deck crammed full of legends. However you can make a fairly competitive Obelysk deck for cheap.

Here is my recent post about some of my vet stuff

I will throw together a budget list for you in a little.


Here you are

A mere 2000 spirit.


Really thanks man!
Already got 2 dominate will and 2 inner oasis, soo close to end make this list!
The golden army is the next step!;D


Are there any decent Songhai or Vanar budget builds floating around?


Night Watcher thanks you for your sacrifice.


You can try Kara…

Hear me out on this one: Playing Kara does not necessarily mean Saberspine BBS abuse. You can make a pretty cool control deck with Glacial Elemental, a bunch of cheap vespers, Healing, and a liberal amount of draw. It just feels so refreshing to come back from the earlygame and murder everything your opponent plays from the other side of the board with Glacial elementals.

I have little experience with Faie, but aggro Faie lists are pretty cheap, as well as viable.

As for Songhai, the most distinct deck, Spellhai, is somewhat expensive to craft, requiring 2-3 heaven’s Eclipse, 3 Lantern Fox, and 1-2 Spiral technique.

As for the other factions:
Vetruvian is hella expensive.
Abyssian creep needs several legendary pay-off cards
Abyssian Swarm might be fine. However, many tools such as Skorn make it rather weak. Try something with Void steal, Bloodmoon Priestess, and Gor and see how it turns out.
Lyonar healing decks, while weak, might be fine. Keep in mind that cards that benifit from healing are very situational and most are epics.
Lyonar aggro is a pretty unique deck. Just stuff a deck full of Lyonar 2 drops and throw in some draw in the form of Spelljammer and Solaris.


Hey @pyrotakun you can try vespir faie, this is my list atm, know that is horrible (too much 1x) but atm I’m in the middle of silver rank, can face easily most of the opponents, yay take this list as an example, I’m started to play from a week!