What faction are you most excited for in Shim'Zar?


With the Shim’Zar on the horizon, I was wondering what factions the community are most excited for in this brave new game.

  • Lyonar Kingdoms:The new healing synergy and new, interesting minions that are more than just Divine Bond targets
  • Songhai Empire: Backstab and spell synergy will make for unique and interesting combos
  • Vetruvian Imperium: With general effects and structure synergy, it is time for this faction to rise again
  • Abyssian Host: The new shadow creep mechanic adds an additional dimension to matches with an additional resource. Big minions and death effects will also be fun to experiment with
  • Magmar Aspects: Starhorn will introduce a new face of Magmar and eggs will become more impactful
  • Vanar Kindred: Stall the opponent with walls while also utilizing devastating new Vespyr Synergy
  • New Expansion? I’ll pass. I’ll just play my “No fun allowed” Kara deck and grind to S-rank

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Vet, purely because I want Sajj to be good.


Vet because I want structure base deck to be thing.

Lyonar , because I want to be able to play something else than just midrange divine bond, beside I want healyoanr to be a thing.

Abyssian, because it is my favorite faction and the new shadow creep seems cool.


Songhai, I already have a Mirror meld tusk boar wombo combo deck in the works, all it needs now is mirror meld.


Is a Starhorn rework confirmed? To the day there are no cards revealed that make him stronger then now. That said I would appreciate a rework instead of throwing in cards that try to make a bad General better.
Normally I’m most exited to Magmar. But for what we know now… it’s Vanar maybe.


No starhorn rework has been confirmed.


Most excited for Vet, I love alot of the tools they get. I’m super excited to play my favorite faction again :smiley:


Swarm Abyss here. :sunglasses:


Falcius for Artifact + Structure support makes me really hopeful for the future of Vetruvian. I wanna build my wall and make SongHai pay for it!


Magmar. I am gonna make Dance of Memes- Starhon- Visionar- Mandrake-Vindicator- Zoo -Mar viable. And i foresee 9/15 Kolossi. Vanar and Vet also look pretty sick with structure/wall synergy.


Damn it, now I have to make a meme with Zirix having trumps hair and a wall of Obelysks! xD


I’d love to say Magmar, but we haven’t really seen any amazing cards for them, though the Egg changes are good.

I’ll say Vetruvian, I’m excited to see more of that faction.


Magmar. The lack of new cards actually make me more excited.


I will play my “Get off my lawn” Abyss denial deck.
Because having fun is for when the opponent lies helpless in…the previous patch.

This patch is scary. I might play a full pet deck,and be friends with everyone (in my lawn) this time.


Im hyped for HealingNar and ObeliskVet :smiley:


Songai backstab, vetruvian artifact and abysian creep control get new tricks new focus and that means fun times trying to figure out new decks! That is all i ask from a new expansion to make me happy Plus the occasional new generic mechanic to spice things up (like battle pets in this one).
Also the power level gets higher which is also something i always like as long as it doesnt get so high that it scares people away (i love it either way but people tend to get scared away when there is a very high power level on cards + it tends to be unbalanced + its no fun to play alone with the super combo wombo deck you thought off and build but have no one to play with)
My two cents all in all amazing job on the expancion!


I’m excited for EggMar.