What do you want the most in the future of Duelyst?


Hi everyone,
I hope you’ve all gotten your footing for the November season. Now that there has been a decent amount of time since the November season started, I’m curious as to what types of cards you want to see added to Duelyst in the future. I personally think that a couple more neutral dispel options (not many, but a few) could be nice to avoid centralizing Ephemeral Shroud, which I see everywhere. But I want to hear your thoughts. I know there are threads that ask for card designs (which I love by the way), but I guess I’m asking a more broad question. What types of cards do you feel we don’t have enough of at the moment? Burst? Healing? 5-Drops? Let me know your thoughts!

How will 2v2 work?

My wish list @devs :

  • More healing. I’d love a minion that heals your General for 1 every turn.
  • 5 drops I guess. It’s just my opinion but I don’t like the ones we have right now.
  • New Generals
  • More minions that summon other minions

A poll would maaaybe do the job better


Neutral spells!


Songhai to be balanced and not overpowered for once.


different game modes


swiss tournaments with some nice rewards for winning (maybe champion ribbon and an epic key or packs)


Hmm, those actually exist.


Casual mode, with no rewards, no possibility to advance quests, no ribboning, gold or spirit involved, nothing but playing the game.


More gameplay diversity.

Based on discussions here, on Reddit and in Discord, the playerbase is bored. The game itself is solid but there are too few different modes or ways of playing it. Grinding the ladder is a dull affair for most, Gauntlet has some variety but isn’t for everyone… and that’s it.

I notice it in reduced discussion volume on Reddit and Discord, smaller numbers of viewers of major streamers, dropping Steam player numbers, even longer wait times in the queue.

These in turn are compelling me to stop spending money on the game.

To be specific and constructive:

  1. Why can’t we have a special weekly mode, with or without rewards, like HS’s Tavern Brawl? I know some people here hate Tavern Brawl, but many HS players are there ONLY for the variety that TB provides. It would be optional. We don’t need a new one each week, make a set of them and rotate them. Anything would be better than a single daily challenge that takes less than 5 minutes most of the time.

  2. We have no events in this game. No weekend specials, no holiday events, nothing. Every day is the same as the day before. Most games are not like this, and especially when Duelyst gets to mobile, a lack of holiday events will be seen as a big negative. Even something small – off the top of my head, say you get a bonus of 5 spirit every 2 wins some weekend or something – would spice things up.

  3. We have only 3 types of daily quests, all of which are boring as hell. Even worse, 2 of them happen “automatically” the first time you have a long game, so you aren’t even trying to achieve anything, how is that a “quest”? Why can’t we have more variety here? It would not be a major programming effort.

  4. More balancing is needed to make more deck archetypes possible. Yesterday in Discord, when I was discussing trying to play a control deck, one of the top players flatly said that “the only viable high-end decks are tempo and midrange”. I think that’s an exaggeration, but not completely, and that’s another area where there’s a lack of variety which makes gameplay feel stagnant.

Putting out a new expansion will shake things up and entertain folks for a while, but won’t address the long-term issues of a lack of variety, IMO.

  • Neutral Artifacts! It would totally be okay/understandable if they are weaker than their class counterparts, but there are a lot of classes that could benefit from some different types of spells.


I’d love to see neutral spells and artifacts.


I really want a 2v2 or some other form of CoOp, maybe bosses?


I’m looking forward to the advancement of the lore and possible single-player ‘campaign’ modes if at all possible.

And if I’m really dreaming big, maybe a 2v2 mode.

Otherwise, I want the factions to have more diverse archetypes so you can encounter a lot of different types of decks instead of always the same deck per General or Faction.


I feel like a lot of Duelyst’s updates and balance patches are building up to something big, but that climax has failed to arrive.

Most of the new things in Shim’Zar and the patch, like grow, egg mechanics, healing synergy, and the siphon nerf, feel like Counterplay saying “don’t worry, this will all make sense in the future.” However, the update that makes all of these partially implemented, awkward changes all make sense has yet to arrive. I just want all of these loose mechanics to be tied up.

Also, a single player campaign would be nice.


Tournaments in game


I want songhai to be deleted from the game and every songhai main to get a punch in the face.


It is plannrd already.


You’re going to easy on them.

OP: Card wise, I don’t really want anything specific. As long as the cards are balanced, interesting, and promote various playstyles I’m happy. Easier said than done though, as we can see by numerous failed mechanics implemented last expansion, but it’s a start.

Feature wise, I’d like the old Welcome Back quest so I can once again use it as an argument directed towards people who complain about having to do quests for factions they dislike and want a casual game mode. I’d say how when it comes to features game doesn’t really lack any major ones, it’s all about adding those little quality of life improvements.


Great analysis! Duelyst is an excellent game and I play it on a daily basis, but small surprises and gameplay diversity would make it even better. Most of your ideas are solid, but I would also add tournaments and casual play. I’m realising now that I want to hit Gold more to play weird decks without losing ranks rather than for the actual reward.



BTW tournaments are one area they already are doing a pretty good job. There are a lot of them, and the company is quite supportive. But these appeal only to a tiny percentage of the playerbase.