What do you think of this magmar apex deck?



I’m no Magmar expert, but I think no Magmar deck is complete without the Golem Package. Also, while you do have enough 2 drops, all of them are tech options, leaving you with a very weak early-game. Shroud is particularly strange, and it could be swapped with some Cryptographers or Healing Mystics. The 1 of Earth Sphere, Drogon, and Fractal also seem like pretty odd choices, so you should take them out for Natural Selection. Lastly, while it is kind of the point of the deck, having too much heavy cards are rarely a good choice. I’d take out Finality, as this deck isn’t midrange, and Elder too, for cards like Spelljammers or Young Slithar and such.


Replace abjudicator with lavaslasher
Replace shroud with golem metallurgist
Replace slithar elder with ragebinders


Greedy…So So Greedy. The only question is can you survive to till your Apex turn. If you can then the deck is okay but the deck has couple other flaws.Why no advice on the deck because I am fairly certain you haven’t tried out this deck as yet and no way do you keep some of this stuff after playing it But I admire the greediness.Greed is good


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