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What do you think is the spell that represents each faction?

I’m just curious :thinking:

P.S. You don’t have to think about its performance


Fault: Vet is cancer
Rebuke: Magmar is cancer
Doom: Abyssian is garbage
Juxtaposition: Songhai is the playmaker
Aspect of shim"zar: Vanar used to be cancer but has fallen deep
No idea about lyonar


Songhai: Got to be Phoenix Fire. Burn the world :fire:.

Lyonar: Maybe Holy Immolation

Abyssian: I’ll cheat with two. DFC (swarm) and Obliterate (creep).


Vanar - Warbird


Dark Fire Sacrifice. Abyss has a lot of very distinct themes with Swarm, Creep, Ramp, Life Steal, or control. So it is hard to pick one card that really says what they are about. But at their core I think they are all about making sacrifices for power, and Darkfire really represents that well.

Divine Bond: Lyonar are the archetypal holy Paladins with a lion sub-theme: A tanky defensive faction that revolves around provoke, high health, and healing. Divine Bond is pretty much their signature wincon that represents everything the faction is about. Not as common as it once was, but just such a classic.

Killing Edge: I think of Songhai as an aggressive/combo faction favoring high damage and positioning. Killing Edge encourages backstab and thus positioning, as well as pushes the theme of damage. While many would pick a burn or a teleport spell I reject those as their core identity as I think most of them could be implemented better.

Stars Fury: Vet has an interesting identity but its hard to pin down exactly what it is beyond a vauge idea of mid-range value generation. Starsfurry just checks off a lot of what the faction is about. Dervishes? Check. Positional board based counterplay? Check. Five Mana Midgame powerhouse? Check. Flexible control or win con? Check. While not very common, I think it represents the faction well.

Natural Selection: Magmar is all about a lot of extreme, but fair, raw power that allows for lots of counterplay while forcing you to meet conditions and or suffer linearly. Natural selection applies an appropriate theme to match a mechanic that is both powerful yet an extremely conditional removal. It highlights their control/board based themes quite well.

Gravity Well: A positional, board based, control spell that is all about its various combos and synergy. A tough choice between G-Well and Aspects, but without walls, aspects are awkward on their own. G-well is both one of Vanars signature mechanics and has lots of crazy combos but with clear counters like dispel/aoe. Vanar is classically a control/combo faction with a heavy emphasis on positioning. Rather than raw power they are about flexibility and synergy. A well used Aspect/Wall can be devastating, a poorly used one can backfire.


Songhai: Knucklestorm
Vanar: Aspect of the Bear
Lyonar: Afterblaze
Abyss: DFC
Vet: Entropic Decay (old identity), Blood of Air (new identity)

Murgmer: pre-nerf Finality

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Lyonar: Skyphalanx
Songhai: Koan of Horns
Vetruvian: Circle of Fabrication
Abyssian: Doom
Magmar: Extinction Event
Vanar: Ice Age


Lyonar: N/A: We all know Lyonar is about that Titan life, meaning no spells should be included. Ehh…ok Sunbreaker and Sterope can be found in Titan, so maybe Tempest or True Strike. :thinking:

Songhai: Artifact Defiler: How long do artifacts last against Songhai? Not long, right? I rest my case.

Vetruvian: Monolithic Visions: What better card to represent Vet than the card that can produce every Vet card in existence?

Abyssian: Infest: Every time Abyssian has a board, it just feels like an infestation.

Magmar: Valknu’s Seal: Every Magmar game ever played has included a Magmar general. This spell literally creates another Magmar general. If that isn’t faction identity, I don’t know what is.

Vanar: Lesser Waterball: All about that cheap and efficient removal, right?


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