What do you guys think of my Control Lyonar deck?


I’ve been doing pretty well with this decklist, wanted to know what you guys thought, what changes I could potentially make.


Seems pretty ok, even though you might want to consider putting d.b and ironcliffe heart,

As an alternative win condition, I’m using it in my healing deck and the smack is strong with this one
What about aoe? Like tempest or skorn? You might want to consider that too.


I second the idea of adding in AoE. Sunriser requires set up and sometimes you need an instant AoE to clear out Heartseekers or Swarm.

I play a controlish Argeon and I feel as though Holy Immolation is too hard to play with a lategame curve. I dropped it to 2X and cut something else in order to run 1x Skorn and 1x Tempest.

Skorn and Tempest also allow you to heal your own minions if you are trying to get some heal effects off.


Have to agree with @snowshot and @BlankTrack here: especially Skorn is going to help you out a lot, and you can afford to drop (one of) your Immolations. I don’t think Tempest is ideal because your Lancer, Rejuvenator and Sunriser have 4 Health and can do a lot more if they still have 3 rather than 2 left over. The body on Skorn helps a lot as well. Why aren’t you running a third Martyrdom?

Pretty ballsy having only Solarius to refuel, but if it works it works! I’m pretty doubtful you have enough draw to carry three Elixirs into higher ranks with this setup, do you need the Health when you already run Rejuvenator?

Looks like a pretty promising deck to me, overall. If it were me I’d go:

  • 3x Sundrop Elixir
  • 3x Holy Immolation
  • 1x Azure Herald
  • 3x Blistering Skorn
  • 1x Martyrdom
  • 1x Circle of Life

I like Divine Bond, but I’m not sure the deck is built for those big swipes. You have 8 Zeal cards, so an Afterblaze might be more beneficial; it doubles as draw to boot! You could add maybe 2 instead of the Martyrdom and Circle of Life.

Good luck trying things out, regardless of what you do. Good to see a control deck posted.


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