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What do you guys think about this Zir'an deck?

I just put in a ton of heals lmao pls help


Can’t go too wrong sticking heals in a Ziran deck :grin:.

Anyway, your deck lacks draw for such a low curve deck. Stick in Trinity Oath asap.
Sunriser is a good card to consider in heal decks.


It’s solid, but you have no end-game threats at all: Magmar easily outlasts you if they manage to survive until 7 mana. If you want to capitalize on Sunforge Lancer, I suggest you have Arclyte Regalia. If you want full heal focus, I recommend Excelsior. If you want to be more aggressive, I say drop the Heralds for some strong mid-game like Kron, Ironcliffe, etc. You have no way of closing in on any draggy game so you might wanna consider that :stuck_out_tongue:


Same for Abyssal Fault with the Vetruvians, or any of the Trials of Mythron cards. It’s a good deck for mid-game attacks, but if your opponent is still around for the endgame it falls apart. Although, with a bit of work this would work really well with Grand Strategos.


Pretty much what they all said, but I’ll add Sterope in the list of possible adds. She’s a decent threat and card draw.


If you’d like to try Strategos Zir’an, may I suggest my version: Miguel's Miscellaneous Memes


It looks like you’re building tempo Zir’an on a budget, and this looks pretty good for that. The main thing you’re missing is a source of card advantage, which is needed because all your cheap spells can burn through your Action Bar quickly. Sticking with budget options, you could try replacing the Tigers (which are awkward in your list since they’re overcosted and can’t realistically be healed themselves) with a pair of Sojourners.

Higher-tier builds of Zir’an are more aggressive. The key higher-rarity cards you’re missing are the Lyonar epics Sunriser (Zir’an’s other signature card besides Lancer) and Trinity Oath (arguably the best card draw spell in the game), and the neutral legendary Spelljammer (another great source of card advantage, and the most widely used neutral legend). Here’s an example of a top-tier list (by Reeee69):

If you’re just interested in building Zir’an on a budget, allow me to briefly promote one of my own budget Zir’an decks I’ve been experimenting with:

Technically it requires nothing more than rares, since Sterope is obtained by crafting playsets of all six core set Lyonar rares. (This does add an invisible 1800 spirit to the cost, but you can offset some of this by substituting some of those cards in: Lasting Judgement, Arclyte Sentinel, and Ironcliffe Guardian all fit in reasonably well). The deck is fun to play, offers a very different experience than your usual Zir’an lists, and the power of Owlbeast and Conjurer makes Arcanysts a solid budget archetype even in nontraditional settings like this.


Thanks for all the help guys!


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