What do you guys think about this decklist?


How do I make it better? I’m currently aiming for S-rank.


It looks pretty standard. Are there any specific Deck Types or Generals that you are having problems with?

Card draw might be a tiny bit lacking as you have a lot of 2 drops, do you find yourself low on cards?


Ephemeral Shroud - 3x Sunbloom I think is enough
Puppydragon - good on swarm decks and I don’t think your deck is swarm. Even swarm decks don’t use 3 copies of it

Cards to consider:
Azurite lion - best 2 drop
Repulsor beast - since you don’t have removal, this card can act as pseudo removal
Suntide maiden - sticky minion. Good early removal and dispel bait. Can also be a target for Afterblaze
Lasting judgement - can be used as removal or buff. Good utility overall


Seconding Lasting Judgement. Extremely underated card. Because it doesn’t actually deal 3 damage it removes it from their max health it works around many things. It goes through forcefield. Sunsteel defenders are killed. It doesn’t trigger on cards that effect upon taking damage(lanter fox, nimbus) and can be good for limiting how much value they generate. You can throw it down on a beefy minion of your own for lethal as well.