What do you guys think about the 15char limit in forums?


…and how do you deal with it?

Hi, MMF here bringing you yet another “insightful” analysis of all things Duelyst!

Have you or any of your loved ones ever experienced the gut-wrenching heartbreak of having your comedic comeback cok-blocked by the peaking thing that most of us now know as the 15 character post limit? I know I have. And so, without further ado, what do you folks there in the audience think about the 15 char limit? Is it good, bad, or plain unimportant? How do you feel when you have a witty under-15-character response to something ready, but are unable to express it and are forced to merely express your resentment with a humble :heart:? And what loopholes are you forced to exploit in order to get your message across?
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i just wanna say no


It’s fine


eh 15characters :^)




Maybe that’s the system telling you that sort of thing maybe doesn’t make such a great post :thinking:


I like

I think it is actually really good. This is the first forum that I use and at first I really didn’t like it. It however prevents posts like the above from clogging up discussions without providing anything interesting or useful.

Sometimes it can annoying if a very simple question is asked that doesn’t have room for discussion, but there are plenty of ways to avoid it. I personally don’t like typing “15char” at the end of my posts because it just looks weird, so I usually just use longer synonyms or add another statement to explain things slightly better.


Unicorns :strawberry:

You can get around it with emotes among other things.
I think it’s fine. For the most part the only times it becomes annoying are in the riddle thread.




its a secret


I figure if your response isn’t at least 15 characters, it probably isn’t thoughtful. And if it isn’t thoughtful, you could probably do better.

But even if it’s like “yes” or “no”, you’re taking like 3 seconds to put in filler, and what you receive is a great gift:

Less spam (maybe?)




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