What did the expansion actually give Argeon?


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question is in the title. What cards from the expansion are you running in your Argeon lists? More precisely in your mid-rangey DB lists. The expansion had plenty of cards for Ziran, and Trinity Oath is probably playable in pure tempo lists that try to vomit out their hands (though I doubt that they are competitive). But have any of you found reasons to include any card in this kind of list?

I have yet to find any cards from the expansion that I’d like to run.

Draining Wave (four damage to a minion and your general): Seems straight-up suicidal in a deck that tries to race the opponent in a meta which has already so much burst flying around.

Prism Barrier (give a friendly minion Forcefield): Lyonar – and especially DB lists – already go all-in on their minions and given the amount of removal in the current meta, it seems to me one is better off to just poop out minion after minion until one sticks instead of investing multiple cards into a single minion that might just die next turn.

Scintilla (3/4 minion, Blood Surge: heal your General for three): Seems actually solid, but given how laughably bad Lyonar’s end game is, I don’t see how prolonging the game for a couple of turns will do me any good.

Sunbreaker (2/4 minion, Forcefield, BBS is now Tempest): The card I was most excited about, and also the one I was most disappointed by. Tempest as BBS just doesn’t make any sense in a faction that is so reliant on its minions. Tempest is purely a reactive card. Nothing you want to play every/every other round just for its value. So playing Sunbreaker when you don’t need Tempest isn’t very exciting in terms of tempo and just denies you your much better BBS, whereas playing him when you do need Tempest is terribly over-costed. No clue in which kind of deck you would want to Tempest frequently enough to justify running him.

Trinity Oath (draw three cards, gain three life): So much value, yet I don’t see how you can run it in Argeon lists. From my experience, the tempo loss of spending four mana doing nothing is too big to recover from, because Lyonar has no comeback cards to rely on.

Excelsious (eight mana minion): Yeah, well, he costs eight.

Cryptographer (2/2, Gambit: refresh BBS): Seems okay, but not great. Probably just worse than the other available 2-drops.

Sanguinar (four mana minion): Way worse than all the other possible 4-drops.

Meltdown (seven mana minion): Given how little Lyonar has in way of reliably clearing the board, he seems a bit underwhelming for his cost.

So… please, anyone any good experiences with the new cards? Or should I just go Abyssian?


To be honest the only cards i can see being included in the deck are prism barrier (but its really sketchy) and Meltdown but only cause its interesting. To be honest i think u shudd try including Meltdown and see how he works out. Not saying its good for the deck but it looks cool lol


I think Prism Barrier is okay but it is kinda situational because it only really guarantees value if you are already ahead on board. If you have a strong minion down already and you prism barrier before attacking with it it is a strong tempo swing. Works well with roar, but it is almost useless if you are behind on board or if you are playing against Abyssian.

Trinity Oath I think is really strong. Just a couple little heals can go a long way against Aggro and keep you alive until they run out start running out of steam. Once you have them at like 2 cards in hand you just have to make sure you keep yourself higher HP then Tiger+Whatever buff the faction has. Also 3 Card draw is Bonkers. It is still a new card, but I think it is going become really popular.

Scintilla I think is decent. Good again for little heals every once in a while that add up in the long run. Okay stats, but I don’t think it outclasses other cards for that slot.


Meltdown is super fun, but I think it is going to stop seeing play after a while.


I’m thinking Draining Wave could have potential for an aggressive Argeon build, but i’ve only played it in Gauntlet and i’m out of touch with the meta. It is meant to give you tempo, if you are putting your opponent on the defensive then the downside isn’t as worrisome.


I haven’t seen the card in play myself but I personally think it is going to be bad. 4 Dmg is a lot to your general. You know when you are forced to swing into the enemies Arclyte Regalia in order to remove some durability with your own General? That junk hurts, even when playing Vaath who can break the initial 2 reduction I still always hesitate a bit. Only the most aggressive decks I think would run it, but even then I think it would be too poor of a trade off.


this deck runs divine bond i really don’t see how this deck can work in the current meta.

the cards seem fine though.

Trinity Oath is good draw + heal, only you draw so you can use it to keep the hand full at all times, the heal itself if quite good as well to keep other aggro decks from killing you.

Scintilla has ok stats for a 3 drop, and potential to heal more than once. just seems best for value heal to your general. at later turns every point of hp matters and you are going to use BBS anyway.

Draining Wave is nice ranged removal, you get enough heals from the above cards to compensate the self damage somewhat and you can remove most treats for just 1 mana and no range limit. very convinient.

Prism Barrier is good buff. lyonar already have very strong 2 drops. this can help them stick for longer i use it only when i am about to attack with it. to get immidiate value. worst case opponent will have to spend 4 mana on removal to kill the 4/3 2 drop buffed with forcefield. so you already got some value as you already attacked with it. if they don’t have removal, happens as well they just might eat a 6 from BBS or maybe even 8 if i deside to use afterblaze as well. that is indeed serious damage. it is quite situational i wouldn’t get more than 2 copyes of this at the moment. like said earlier it’s useless against abyssians and often you just have a better play for mana but it can be usefull to trade enemy 4+ drops and not taking any retaliate damage.

Excelsious: looks nice and has synergy with the heals you get as lyonar but indeed he costs 8 and i know he gets removed the second i play him so usually he just stays in hand and i play 2 cheaper cards instead… might be fun if you get into top deck fight but is quite risky.

generally with the new cards i see no problem to go late game as argeon, you have lots of heal and with buffs your 3 drops can challenge 7 drops and since you buff before attaking you are guaranteed to get atleast 1 attack off, something 7 drops usually don’t give you. also most factions don’t even have as much draw as lyonar so you can comfortably watch them run out of cards at the later turns while you have plenty yourself. magmar obviously have more draw but they play self damage and can’t heal as much so there it won’t go to late game any way.


Um, holy immolation? That seems to work often enough for people to write nerf threads about it :confused:


Well it didn’t give as much to tempo Lyonar, many of these cards seem to support a control or life gain Lyonar game plan.


Yeah… and I kinda disagree with the sentiment in almost all of them. If played correctly (from the point of view of the receiving player), Immolation should almost never yield more than a 2-for-1 for the Lyonar player. Good enough to get ahead or to recover from being slightly behind, but not the fate reversing play that most players make it out to be in those whine threads. There are a lot of unfair answer-or-die cards in Duelyst, a spell that deals four damage to two minions or to one minion and a General is not one of them. At least not in my book.


But it still often allows for very swingy plays? or am i wrong?

Also, i never said anything about answer or die nor did i say anything about agreeing with the nerf threads, how could a spell be answer or die anyways :confused:


No, you’re right.

Uhm, no, you didn’t. But I did, to reinforce my point about the necessity of the aforementioned nerf threads.


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