What deck should i create next?


Personally I like Circulus. Can keep hand full.
Love spamming those huge super cheap Illusionists after Nemeton.

Try the Blazing Spine artifact if you haven’t.
Sometimes you want to clear things and make tokens at the same time.


To test: The Face Untouched


Circulus is super good in a vacuum, but people nowadays run too much ping because of Ragnora. So delete Magmar.



How does it work for you?


I don’t have the cards! I just woke up and quickly wrote down the deck I had a dream about.
Currently missing Scarzig and Aspect of the Mountains, otherwise I would try immediately. But I fear it’s lacking draw.


Y protosensor though? Using mark of solitude you could swap them for augurs so you have tokens and solitude targets.
And if you switch the bonechill barriers with jax, the deck could do ok i guess


I have tried Thicket Augur in Nemeton and I’m looking for alternatives I think.
Here with Mark of Solitude, Protosensor is an interesting T1 play to deny globes, that can turn into a pseudo rush 5/5 public nuisance.
But maybe that’s not the right thing to do.
Jax is a perfectly good idea. And there should also be some room for 2x Endless Hunts if the play testing shows it’s lacking in hand size sustainability.


Yeah but i think you would hardly play it after t1 and you need mos to make it worth it, that’s a bit too clunky imho. I’m not a big fan of augur myself, but if you play mos, that’s amazing on the tokens.

I’m not a fan of endless hunt aswell but it’s an ok card i guess,even though if you use carefully circulus (i. e. When you can use at least 1 spell) you should be ok on card advantage.

I’d run more 2mana drops myself (3 Crystal wisp for 1 aotm and the 2 spines), cause Sister and circulus are suboptimal t1 plays, but i think that would mess too much your original idea?


Some serious dedication here :smile:


I think you mistyped “mental disease”. :wink:


For those interested in Vanar artifacts. I found out that if you have both Iceshatter Gauntlet and Winterblade equipped, Iceshatter Gauntlet will only trigger the kill if it is equipped after Winterblade. Otherwise you end up with just a frozen enemy minion. Added that to the wiki.


So thats also mean that priorities according of which artifacts are equipped first. Interesting.
What happen if someone equipped Coldbiter first, Winterblade second, and Iceshatter Gauntlet last? Could it mean that the enemy minions surrounding general would automatically destroyed?


Since Iceshatter Gauntlet only triggers on your general attacking/counterattacking it does not work with Coldbiter. Just tested in sandbox to make sure.


Ah yes I forgot about that lul dummy me. Anyway thanks for answering. :vankiss:


It’s my pleasure :slight_smile:


Considering i’m a planar scout user, i have to disagree - tho still agree. It ain’t practical in all senses but it is a fairly more resilient bus driver for infiltrate tactics.


Here’s a rework that uses some of your ideas, I also regret the relative lack of strength in the opening plays, but I can’t figure out how to strengthen it. The flex spots would be Thicket Augur and Wintertide, though if these spots don’t provide Tokens the Trial is going to be uselessly slow.


If you switch wintertide with pandoras the deck would be similar to the memetown deck i was running (without sisters and scarzig) let me know if you have success with it.


Thanks for the advice! I will let you know how it goes in a few months when I’ll have acquired and spent the necessary spirit! :yum: