What deck should i create next?


I actully has a good artifact build i tried back then and it did ok.
Using uour setting it was hard.

But played 2 games with this, went 2-0.
This build has potentiel, tried also hydrogarm and artifacter - both are slow.
Yggdra and thunderhorn are the mvp of the decks.

Also alcuin are usually slowish and overall not good here because you minion cards needs to carry until you start blowing with artifacts.
Plus - maybe consider 2 white asps instead of winterblade.

In order for this deck to work well you need to aggro i would try to apply a version for faie, but the gauntlet is the best removal to use with ilena.


Ohhh man this i got a crazy idea for this one

You use the ranged and aspect to proc thunder and dasher.
And you try to proc scarig with courage, if you did put some walls/frostiva/chaser and go to town.

Didn’t try it yet but i will do.


Find a place for mana forger and mayve mirkblood


My Ilenan habits are usually quite more facebashy so i’m personally thinking something similar but different. Likely overdriving in “things that makes you go headfirst against people and still come out alive”. As ill spoken as she gets, think Elveiti could be a nice addition for this sort of thing as she even denies counters?


I second this deck, it can get out of hand really fast.


@snowshot can you make this work?


Since you are using winterblade maube loading up on stun will be good and with it keeping and yggdra on your side to bash face.
You can put matron and come back with impressions i have no ides since i never used her.

Maybe healing? Remember that you have to put in enough tools to control boards.


The eternal irony that the game gave me like 4 of her and i dusted all of them before becoming ARTIFACTMAN.


Give this one a go




Show him your kara nemrton.
Mine are not kara nemetons


@deathsadvocate can you give me your take regarding these arti ilena and scarzig decks?
I will not have much time to pilot each one to completion


Speaking of Flawless Reflection, does anyone know if the Transform effect triggers the Bond effects? I will add the answer in relevant pages in the Wiki.

I mean: If I duplicate a minion with a Bond keyword using Flawless Reflection, will the Bond effect trigger X times?


If i’m not wrong it triggers from simultaneous egg hatch, so it should work the same? The bond should work for each “summon” after the first though… I guess :thinking:


It reflects everything including dfc and friends


So, just to be sure I understand you well:

  • I summon a Kindred Hunter (Bond: Summon a 3/3 Night Howler on a random nearby space)
  • I surround the Kindred Hunter with 4 Gravity Wells
  • Flawless Reflection on the Kindred Hunter

= I get 4 new Kindred Hunters from the Wells, and 4 new Night Howlers from the Bonds?

Edit: I’d love to test in sandbox but I don’t have the cards.


I’ll try it for you, i think you do get the howlers.


Just tested in sandbox. Both Bond and Intensify trigger on Flawless Reflection transform.


Thanks, I’m going to update the wiki.
Edit: Done.


I’m not the best Nemeton player, but here’s my deck. Circulus is a bad card, but if you’re able get just one Illusion you’re set. Augur is also a bad card, but for the purpose of rushing out Nemeton as fast as possible, it gets the job done. Dowager is good, Kron is great, Embla is fantastic, and Mali is broken. I think AotM can replace Blazing Spines, but I’m not sure.


You took a fairly similar route to what I did. Your lack of opening plays, particularly for an aggressive deck make me nervous, and I fear chaser will not be reliable and gravity will be underwhelming without any synergy beyond chaser. Here are my aggro Ilena lists from my master thread:

As for Scarzig I have not done much testing of the deck as I largely dismissed it as a fun gimmick, and again your not to far off form how I did things, but here is my variant:


Umm yea chaser might be underwhelming…
I don’t liks replicant so chaser.
Gravity well actually worka nice :grin:

Ohh kara scarzig is easier:)