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What deck should i create next?


Give me your spicy new vanar dreams to try and i’ll try ma best to make your dreams come true




What, no alpha?





I have no idea what I’m doing :dog2:



Oh, wait…


Oops, meant omega


Omega needs lots of mechs to grow big but if we do that we won’t be able to guarantee that Deceptib0t will pull Echo Deliverant 100% of the time.


So you were planning on having deci and deliverant as your only mechs?

… better be playing grail master then


Blitz the Ice Age!


Yes, because otherwise the deck won’t work like it is supposed to.


Yeah, it’s against a bot but it still shows what the deck is supposed to do.


If only this would be as easy to pull off against actual players :confused:


I never said it would be easy to pull off, if it was it wouldn’t be a meme :thonk:

Besides, I know you can pull it off against real players (even though its really hard to do so) because I’ve seen it done multiple times in the past.


Scrap my idea, I want to see this Mech swarm shot into S-Rank.


Damn so many ideas. I was ready for 2-3 but hey the more… :slight_smile: hold on got to clean ma gloves and put a washer before the lady is home.


Did you play with Ilena artifact builds? @deathsadvocate had a very promising one which you may tinker with.


After a few tests - this is the route to take, i tried grove lion and a quicker build with qualalalalalaaa and buffs. Both are fine:)