What deck does actually have a good match-up against Reva?


Hey ho,

quick question, quick answer. Show me some deck lists that have a favourable match-up against the red menace.

It used to be said that Lyonar is good because Provoke is good, but after playing Lyonar for 600 games I don’t see how that is true. Ironcliffs are way too slow, Silverguards aren’t nearly big enough to survive anything and Lyonar in general just doesn’t have the reach/sustainability to fight through a constant onslaught of spread-out ranged units that start hitting you for 5 a turn as soon as you show any sign of weakness. Outside of some nut draws, Lyonar doesn’t seem quick enough to beat Reva at her own game and in general doesn’t have the tools to win the attrition war.

Then I thought: maybe Magmar works. Just play life-gain, removal and hope to starve them out. Someone posted this list a couple of days ago and it felt like a clear answer to Reva (the original list didn’t run Spelljammers, but instead one more Grove Lion, Ephemeral Shroud and Elucidator).

It runs 39 points of heal and almost exclusively answers. Yet it still loses to Reva. The games might take a while, but eventually it just succumbs to the value of infinite ranged threats and kiting.

Soooo… what actually beats Reva? What kind of deck do you need to build to fight her? I’m looking for tested deck lists that win over a significant sample size in at least Diamond rank.

I’m thankful for any sort of help! Right now I’d be happy with any deck that beats her reliably – no matter how teched out it is. I don’t even care if it has a 0% win rate against everything else. Winning over Reva would make me happy enough.


put some decimus in deck, if reva wanna draw each card will damage her for 2hp min)
faie with 3x decimus work good against reva, starhorn may working better then faie.
u opponent draw to find combo - u opponent takes damage


The only way reva beats my lyonar is if I draw porly in my early game and it results in her getting a head start on me.

Aside from that I would say midrange vanar and structure vet do really well against reva


Mind sharing your list? And I assume you play Reva in Diamond/S-Rank? What’s your overall game plan?


I’ve got a pretty good win rate with this deck (actually rank 3). My only bad matchup is vanar.
Song Hai is a really good match up because of the quick removal spells, lot of heal, and the abilitie of the quick finisher : star fury. Each turn you normally need just one or two cards to handle the song hai treats.
Astral flood is awesome too for card disadvantage (replace the battle pets).


Blistering Skorn is definitely the way to go. Kills Heartseekers, chips artifacts, makes trading slightly easier, pops long ranged eggs, etc… It just does so many little things well you will almost always get good value out of the Opening Gambit. I think I would drop 1 Plasma and 1 Taygette to add 2x Skorn.

Grove Lion is next to worthless against Reva and Lilithe. I run 2 or 3x in my Vaath decks but they just don’t pull their weight in those matchups. Reva has I think the easiest time pinging followed closely by Lilithe as long as she isn’t completely board cleared.

If you want to try something fun, try adding in 1 or 2 Alcuin Loremasters. On 7 Mana you can Earth Sphere + Alcuin to get another copy. If you do it after 7 Mana make sure that you use you BBS BEFORE casting Earthsphere so you copy the right one. This what I am running right now if you wanted to see -

This deck is a blast(I like control and stalling) and I regularly outheal Obliterates. Ghost Azalea will always kill you because they get 3 swings opposed to Obliterates single AoE wipe.

Reva is still a kinda hard matchup if they get a god hand you will lose just like any other deck. If you take no more than 17DMG or so around 7 Mana then you usually will win. I say 17 because you will usually have at least 1 or 2 Emerald Rejuv healings topping you off. Having Alcuins almost doubles the amount of Earthspheres you have in there and nothing is more fun to me in this game then casting 3 eathspheres consecutively while removing their threats each turn.

  1. aggro - you don’t want to get to the late game, you push and try to clear board. if you wait untill they spread everywhere it’s too late. this works with most factions actually if you can go hard enough on aggro.
    lyonar have strong early game and can overwhelm songhai pretty easy.

  2. heal - if you want to go for late game you need lots of heals, lyonar and magmar can do this. still need to clear, if they can just shoot you for 10 damage per turn your heals wouldn’t matter much…

  3. cassiva - her BBS counters that of reva, obliterate gives advantage to the cassiva in late game, just like all cassiva matchups you just try to survive before 7-8 mana turn then proceed to spam revenants and wait untill you have enough damage on the obliterate for the kill. recent reva decks seem better against cassiva than the pre nerf spellhai were in my opinion, so this can still go both ways in late game.


Reva I would lean to Vanar,It can operate at range and has multiple removal that can handle annoying stuff.Try out Faie.


Rush magmar tends to beat Reva IMO; hard to deal with early young silithars, then elucidators and makantors thrown at her face. Makantor is pretty strong against heartseekers and four wind magis.

Aggro/Tempo Argeon also does well against Reva; it takes a lot of her resources to deal with Silverguard Knight, and then she struggles to handle multiple holy immolations and their overall strong minions. Windblade adept, lion, and tigers all threaten to rush her down pretty quickly. Bloodtear alchemists, arclyte sentinels, tempests, and tigers can deal with heartseeker well.


I find removal-heavy Faie decks with Bonereaper and stuff to be very good against Reva


Personally I find healonar to have a decent matchup.

For your magmar deck:
Don’t use spelljammers if going lategame. No healing will save you if you give Reva more fuel to continue burning you rapidly. Try L’kian instead.
As mentioned Skorn is good for pinging heartseekers. Also consider Spirit Harvester.


That magmar deck is way too passive to beat Reva. Develop and answer is the way to go (like hearthsistering in a ki beholder and kill it with your face + a 2-drop), Dancing Blades, Bloodtear, those kind of minions. Run Dioltas. Run things that are actually threatening instead of azure herald. These passive kind of decks only work against the kind of aggro with bad card draw like Faice, but Songhai you got to pressure. Play threats that force them to waste cards on them. This is why I mentioned Dioltas too, it does 10 damage in 2 turns, so it has to be phoenix fired or something, but if they do that, you can lock them down with the tombstone. You can also try (abyssian) swarm lists if you have problems with aggro revas. Lastly songhai almost never runs solid defensive cards (healing, provoke) so having good out of hand damage in your deck works wonders too.


As Magmar, I find that Reva is very vulnerable to sticky minions and Thumping wave. Overwhelming her with Mandrakes while at a point where your health is above lethal range is often a win.

As Reva, I usually do not do so well against Flash + Sunsteel. Most of my losses to Magmar as Reva are to sticky minions staying on the board followed up by double Thumping wave.


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