What counters Lyonar right now?


I guess a list that counters both Tempo/Bond Argeon might be too much to ask for, but anyways…
Vaath seems to be the best option to me, but I still struggle, it feels more like a slightly favored matchup (51-53% wr maybe?). The new Vaath lists with amplification and diretide frenzy are better vs Argeon than the older lists with Egg morph, natural selection, etc?


I’d say Healyonar is doing incredibly well for me.


Which type of Healyonar, care to share your deck please ?

Asking cause I’ve seen plenty version, from control to mid-range to aggro.


I have nightmares of 4 turn provoke minions in a row oh the humanity


Just add more removal. Repulsor beasts,shrouds,light benders, and buffed rush minions to name a few. Depending on your faction and play style add more beefy minions that can kill or at least stall ironcliffes and tombstones.

Lyonar is nothing without its minions.


i play lyonar a lot

vaath can cause me serious problems and cassyva with her crazy surviveability and her superior lategame


I’ve generally been able to go toe to toe with Argeon with Sim city Zirix, he has a hard time dealing with Obelisks and dervish tokens as long as you spread against Sun Bloom and Holy Immo.


Try hollow grovekeeper


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