What client do you primarily use?


I’m just curious about which client do you primarily use to play Duelyst.
Cast your vote here: http://www.strawpoll.me/11861442/r


I think an in forum poll would work better, takes less time and we don’t go out of our way.


But this is an already existing pool that is collecting votes from various parts of the community. It’s simply more efficient.


I always ask myself if people get paid for all these useless polls.
This is really not meant as an affront. But what for do you collect all these data?


they’re not collecting data. it’s just shits and giggles.


Dunno for others but personally, all my “useless” polls have been useful at least to me. Usually I make a poll when I need an advice on what to craft, to disenchant, “feel” the meta etc.


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