What channels are there to find players for deck testing


With the expansion so many things to test and learn. My usual place to test new deck ideas are at rank “boundaries” where i won’t drop rank. Besides that maybe bother some ingame friended players with challenge request, which i kinda hesitate because i feel i might be wasting their time with silly decks.
Are there any channel where I can meet a pool of players that have the same intentions of deck testing and won’t mind exchanging random games. Like i can just broadcast my IGN and let them add me and challenge me. I know there is Discord, i have yet to try it all i know it’s some kinda voice chat group.


I’m there with you. Add me in discord and we could get a chat going?


I guess i will try out discord soon.


Hi Ninth, Discord for Duelyst is not a voice chat group, it is a large text server with multiple channels and we have around 15k users registered on it. You should be able to find players there to decktest with and I also believe we have a scrim server as well if you want to get even more into specialized testing.


how do i join the duelyst server, i’d e interested in this as well


I got you covered! :smile:

First create a Discord account @ https://discordapp.com if you don’t have one, then click on the following link to join:


Just installed discord… tried to search Astrasondeverest but couldn’t find you… it needs some kinda tag?


Try #3154

My name in discord is twitch.tv/Astrasondeverest

What is yours? @ninthghost


Alright added you. mine should be NinthGhost#0926 if anyone wants to add.


Add me TX549 in discord and game, I’m always down for deck building.


feel free to add me, IGN:HEROESXPIXELS
i am always up for deck testing!