What cards do you believe will be Meta-Defining, Good, Decent and Bad?


I want to create a short thread that will allow for all players and forum users to give their opinions on the quality of cards being released later today in the new rise of the bloodborn expansion. So the way it will go is that you will rank the cards in four categories.
Meta Defining- Atleast one tier one deck will be built around this card or this card will be a staple in that deck. Players will be expected to play around this card. Will most likely be an auto-include.

Good- This card is not expected to be in every deck but will most likely be a core card in a faction’s deck. Will be a good support or tempo card.

Decent- Just a meh card isn’t good but isnt bad.

Bad- Will not see play in the meta unless its a meme deck.

For those who havent seen the cards: https://duelyst.com/rise-of-the-bloodborn


One ‘good’ per faction: Trinity Oath (!), Geomancer (heh), Nosh-Rak (ok), Variax (!), Entropic Gaze for Starhorn and Rancour for Vaath, Enfeeble (!). And Crypto is bae.

Bad: Excelcious.


tectonic is OK in aggro and mill decks, it can be a finisher with decimus
sleet dasher is great if it survives and gets any buffs to clear the board
furosa is going into any lilithe deck. its a new abyssal crawler for lilith
incinera could make siphon great again. got a good body and great synergy with vets proximity limitations
ethereal blades is power creep on saberspine seal.
scintilla is good enough to contend with silverguard knight for the 3 mana space


Cryptographer? for double the BBS, double the fun?


I believe this will be included in almost all new abyssian decks as synergy with their grandmasters atleast as a 2 of.


there’s also frigid corona, to stunlock the enemy general, and then prooced accordingly to build walls, icy x3 + corona x3 = 6 turns freeze, and IIRC it can’t be dispelled


Grandmaster Variax, AKA the new waifu in town, 20 stats for 3 mana :heart_eyes:


Probably more, remember shadow nova?


Incinera is such an amazing minion and i believe that the whole fact of it lacking the bloodsurge keywork makes it 100 times better. Position in vetruvian is everything and we finally have the ability to do so. Imagine having blast with this card


not everyone plays cass in abyssian :confused:


Yeah, and suddenly the new cards are making unplayable cards seems viable


first impressions, cryptographer is insane in swarm abyss, 3 mana and one card for 3 bodies :smile:


IMO the card with the biggest impact will most likely by Cryptographer, since more BBS is always good. It’s a card with good stats and a better Opening Gambit.

Variax…it’s cool, but it’s really slow.

Shamelessly plugging in my analysis


Rancour is insanely good. Finally a second decent class 2-drop for Magmar for the early game. And in the late game it is a minion than cannot be ignored because of how quickly it gains attack through Elucidator or simply attacking stuff with your general.


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