What best viable format for Reva after newest patch?


we all know after patch 1.76 songhai got nerfed. but is it any competitive build for it after the patch?


I don’t think it’s possible to say this soon after the patch. These things take time. Sure, songhai is factually worse now but it could easily remain one of the top tier decks. Saying it’s not competitive anymore is premature. People just need to adjust their current decks and try her out for themselves rather than completely disregarding her, and these things take time. Just look how long it took people to make the best version of creep cassyva.


smh people fail to accept or realize duelyst is a game where it expects all factions have the ability to beat any faction that is what makes this game stand out from the rest. but its those “competitive mindset” that wants to class everything by order of tiers


Don’t you think it’s a little too easy to just ask what’s the best version of the deck one day after the patch while the best songhai mains are out there experimenting with the changes?


Tiers are based on matchups, eg a tier 1 deck will have a greater than 50% chance to win against a deck that is a lower tier and not specifically teched for it (which is usually irrelevant, decks become t1 because they have few holes, unless a whole deck is made to counter it). Nobody will say a <t1 deck can’t win, it’s just statistically less likely. It’s not unreasonable to ask for specific tiers of lists, though I’m not the biggest fan of the practice.

That said, I was looking into Spearhai the other day and made my own version of it, and it’s performing reasonably well in diamond (I’m at 4 and 4 chevrons just learning to play an archetype I’ve basically never seen, which seems good to me). Version I’m using now has no 2 mana minions either, which is neat.


Care to share ? Is it similar to Mogwai one with Vortex replaced ?


let i correct my words, i ask some suggestion which deck format for reva nowadays? just askiing for refference


so it’s kinda like crankyhai format deck but little bit different. it was nice deck, maybe i’ll try this out & see the result. damn i very like reva & i will make her strong again to the top :smiley:


spearhai was my favorite before newest patch come. and i think this is the time to use it and improve it’s potential. iam using sperhai on laddering right now after the newest patch & hit diamond but stuck in rank 2 for long long time :frowning:


Jogda (one of the most experienced Songhai players) played a Reva Koan of Horns deck at SRank with about a 70% win rate yesterday. Not sure what specific cards it has, but you can ask him next time he streams.


Right now it’s this, crankypanda’s list, with zendos subbed for foxes cause I’m pretty much duelyst broke ATM:

It’s the most satisfying thing to go p1t1 crescent spear > p2t1 two two-drops > p1t2 cyclone mask and start picking them off or twin strike to two-for-none them.

One thing I’ve noticed thus far is that you really, really need to consider what you replace, because having certain combos available when you need them is oftentimes the difference between life and death. Same can be said for the minions, because none of the minions are played for the body.

Winning usually comes from attrition, be it a bajillion Bloodrage/4WM/Heartseeker pings into Spiral, or if you manage to equip multiple crescent spears, then hitting face with PFs and/or Cyclone Masks is very strong as well, especially if you find yourself holding Pandamonium + Ghost Lightning or a Tracer.

The nerf to Jammer means that you’re not playing anything on turn 1 even more often, but that doesn’t matter much, considering the focus of the deck is on getting insane value out of your cards. Also, since you almost always have extra cards from not playing any on t1 and jammer/eclipse, the nerf to Vortex isn’t so bad and I feel like they’re necessary (this opinion being formed from playing a version with some 2-ofs made into 3-ofs in place of Vortex). Certain combos, like being able to clear any minions you want on 6 mana via Pandamonium + Twin Strike need Vortex, and if you need something like that, you absolutely need it. It also allows you to dictate more easily when to put pressure on versus play a little more reactive via 4WM, which is very important.


Minor nitpick but not only has Cranky not played the artifact list in a while but the move to replace seals for Beholders was my call as it was something I was testing at the time. The “nerf” to Jammer is actually the biggest reason I’m not playing this deck atm, atleast till I get time to put in some work and work out the kinks.


As for lists seeing play atm, while I do not know the exact contents of the Koan decklist, these two decks are/was seeing play in the S rank T50, with me also hitting T50 with a slightly modified version.

Cranky Panda Reva Aggro

Dragall Reva Good Stuff


yeah i lose from you while i use magmar with that second deck a couple hour ago :smiley:

i already test that first format deck but the result was bad. the second one was so interesting format. i didn’t think of it. more defensive so much interesting, especially after lose from you before :smiley:

i use spear control deck right know that had alot removal spell, so far is good 50% winrate. but iam stuck in rank 2 in about a week till now :

what do you think?