What are your favorite neutral minions?


I’ve been fooling around with various deck lists since I don’t really have the motivation to grind to S-Rank like I did during the past 2 seasons, especially since college midterms are coming up.

What are your favorite neutral minions? They don’t necessarily have to be meta-good, just good enough that you like including it in a lot of decks you play.

I really love Kron, Spelljammer, and Thunderhorn. I just love running some of those cards in Tempo decks from time to time since I love playing Tempo so much (I’ve only made it to S-Rank with Aggro tho RIP. Someone give me a fun Titan deck please :’)))))))

Let’s get some opinions! Everyone has that one “bias” card that they’re convinced is better than other people think. Kron definitely has a spot in my heart :)))


azure herald


Seems like we have the same taste. What’s your favorite deck?


There is nothing as satisfying to see as a good reliquarian player.


Mnemovore, Mbemovore and Mnemovore.


Ragnora the Relentless


Well let’s see…

SWORN AVENGER for the first 10 picks.

pick #11 would likely be Red Steel Minos

#12 would be D-blades

honorary mention for Decimus because I like his sprite


Wait, you mean cards we like to use, right? Not cards we like regardless of use
In this sense:
Blaze Hound, one of my favorite cantrips since its also a creature the enemy general doesnt easily trade into, and also there’s P2T1 Hound + First Wish that leads you to a 6 card turn 2.
Repulsor Beast. how are creatures real hahaha like just push them hahah like, just go face
Spelljammer, draw and nice body
And, in the right deck, my boy Kepper of the Vale!


Primus Fist, Spell Jammer, Shiropuppydragon, Spriggin, and Dioltas


Timekeeper and Keeper of the Vale gonna KEEP their place in my top 2 kill me


Think of all the times you lost that would not have happened if you had a Syvrel The Exile on board. :relieved:


Owlbeast Sage all the way!

Silhouette Tracey. Always unexpected whatever you do with him – flee or attack.

Also I recently fell in love with Sunset Paragon and started adding it in pretty any control or midrange list.




Easily Quebec :slight_smile: There’s basically an endless amount of decks that can be made around him. I wish there were more cards with similar kinds of effects to really mod hard with your (and your opponent’s) decks.


lady locke by far!


Nobody loves Wanderer? Judging by his popularity I was expecting at least someone to declare him their favorite. I guess conquering peoples hearts is harder than conquering their decks :thinking:

My personal favorite is Unseven.


Rook is my bae.


my favorite is wanderer because its decks are very balanced kill meeee :sob:


Skorn and Alchemist for me!

PS: also Repulsor!


i dont really enjoy anything right now but if i had to choose it would be titan

oh and by the way if you want a titan deck just look on duelyst central, there is some ok decks there