What are the most insane minions you have created?


This is my most insane one so far :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if you can get better :smiley:

or I might just be being stupid and this is a really easy to get.


I had a game against a 154/154 wraithling before. My opponent and I both were playing swarm. They couldn’t hit me because I blocked off my general with a blood moon priestess’s wraithlings and the opponent just kept killing wraithlings to buff their giant one.

Other than that, once, my opponent played a cosmic flesh on an onyx bear. However, I stole the immortal bear with Zen’rui. Best feeling in Duelyst.


Haha I had a 97 Attack Watcher against a Vaath WITHOUT using Crescendo. The game took forever to finish though the guy kept stalling.


Really fun game :slight_smile:



In all seriousness though that’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:


Some time ago I played Crimson Oculus plus Spirit Harvester against a Swarm Abyssian. I remember getting something like two 48/49s give or take, but I couldn’t hit the enemy general because of the wraithlings everywhere… Eventually she got me with Deathfire Crescendo shenanigans. T’was fun anyways


I had an unanswered Nimbus wearing a Cosmic Flesh, that I got to put 2 Inner Oasis procs on (and buff a pretty good number of Obelysks.) I’m sure what you mean is more along the lines of silly stat numbers. But getting excess Nimbus procs from Flesh, Oasis and Healing Mystics is pretty nutty.

:smiley: Guess some of us are too square to appreciate ridiculous silly numbers.


8/9 Ash Mephyts as Kara


108/16 Sajj with Ankh, death grimwar, and regalia


Sorry about that :smiley:


7 attack tiger. As you can see, I don’t play much Abyssian.


I had a 7/4 Serpenti once.


Probably got some higher ones, but just now, and remembering this thread, I had a double Overdrive Snow Rippler with IceBlade Dryad buff for a nice 14/15 flying monstrosity :slight_smile:


20/11 Vale hunter as Lyonar.
It was in gauntlet, so the removal options of my opponent were limited, and I had 2 turns to pump it(2AfterBlaze + 2Wind runner buff+Divine Bond+Roar).


This doesn’t come close to some of the truly huge numbers here, but it’s good for fun value: a 12/11 flying snowchaser for lethal. :slight_smile:

Ages ago I triple-DBed a roared suntide maiden to 23/6 for a come-from-behind win.


A 23/23 mini jax on the other side birthed my hate of DFC.