What are the best decks to play at the moment?


I am unsure what to play, I can´t seem to rank back up, last season I got to rank 5 but now I am floating around 8, it is annoying dealing with so many no brain Reva decks also.


Reva just got nerfed, so I’m surprised you’re seeing that much. The 1.76 patch messed up my Faice deck by making everything a 4 drop, so I abandoned that and have been playing Mech.

Got to Rank 5 last weekend playing a mediocre Mech Faie (I only have 13 mechs, so it’s not consistent enough). My thinking is, “the meta changes, but mech stays the same”. We’re going to get an expansion next season so the meta really won’t be stable until next year.


Yeah, I win and lose and can’t rank up really, it is a bit annoying.


Try playing starhorn, he’s pretty op this season (: also make sure to have a play set of prismatic serpenti


Honest advice: play a deck you enjoy and don’t care about the meta. At that rank, it’s not so important.

I hit Rank 6 today, using a custom Midrange Magmar up to 8, and then switching to Healyonar and Creep. Both are fun decks and pretty effective if you like a control style.


Agreed. You can make it into Diamond with pretty much any deck, and even into S-Rank with subpar decks just by playing well. Just play with your favorite faction, maybe find some good decks online (http://managlow.com/manaranks/ladder/10-28-2016/) and take some ques from those.


Thanks guys, these losses are really tilting me, I keep making deck modifications but nothing seems to be so effective, I don’t do well with Creep Cassyva for some reason, they kill me before I get obliterate…


Thats their idea of beating you ofc. Your job is to hold out 'till you can Obliterate :wink:
Maybe your deck needs more healing, maybe more removal, your choice.


Post patch I’d say tempo argeon, rush magmar and reva (she’s still strong) are the best decks. But it is too soon, there’s too much going on


That happened to me but i just kept grinding on aggro argeon but spelljammer and skorn are 4 drops so now ive been playing mech vanar which has gotten me to rank 4/3/2 but ive been finding the deck just draws to poorly for S-rank, So in conclusion if you just want diamond go check out rayqes mech vanar list from a few days ago.


Everyone’s complaining about Tempo Lyonar :wink: I’ve achieved S-Rank 2 months in a row now with Argeon - he is definitely top tier at this current moment. My anus is prepared for him to be nerfed soon.


Thanks again guys, I am playing midrange Argeon at the moment and it is working great! And yes, maybe he will get nerfed haha.


Okay, I got to rank 7 and now there is nothing but Fast Magmar or troll pet decks, ELO hell again ;).


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