What are must have Vetruvian Cards?


Neutrals and Class cards alike

I know that having Dr.Boom Pax is excellent and Aymara healer is amazing also

But how many do you craft and how necessary are they?

Edit: Also what are the essentials for Dervish Obelysks decks and Midrange or Control decks?


3x falcius, aymara, pax
all 9 cards are auto-include in basically every vet deck

3x nimbus, fireblaze
are pretty good for any deck that uses obelysks.


nimbus is also good in all but the most aggressive vet decks. its amazing value but is too slow for super fast decks


Is Nimbus really that good?

Seems a little slow to me to get proper value, but I suppose its excellent dervish generation


i dont know, kron is probably better. im not a vet expert, but i was focusing on class cards rather than neutrals and if you dont have kron, nimbus fills that 5 slot pretty well.


well, it basically reads “use hard removal on me or lose in 3 turns”. the obelysks proc on ANY damage, including ogs. so some minions like skorn kill themselves upon being cast. and even if it gets dispelled it’s stats are really good for the cost. and if it gets hard-removed it’s one less for your aylmao’s. i would definitely prioritize healers though


Vet main here.
Staples. In rarity, common down

Siphon Energy
Starfire Scarab (can serve as a very solid 5 drop)
Inner Oasis (sees a fair bit of play in some more swarmy decks)
Dominate Will
Aymara Healer

More archetype dependant and not as absolutely vital

Obelysk/Dervish Vet:
Whisper of the Sands
Fireblaze Obelysk
Star’s Fury
Scion’s Third Wish

Artifact Vet:
Wildfire Ankh
Aurora’s Tears
Time Maelstrom

Control Vet:
Circle of Dessication (See Spinecleaver)
Spinecleaver (can be run in Artifact as well, not that good though)

Honourable mention, tend to be a bit more memey but seriously a ton of fun, if you get the chance, give it a try.

Psychic Conduit
Mirage Master

FYI : These two cards belong to their own archetype knows as Sabotage Vet, my second favourite archetype after Dervish Vet. It’s not common but very fun and incredibly satisfying when it works.

This is a post I made for another very similar thread, I thought it suited your question very well, so I copy-pasted it over here.
I think that covers it, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


No entropic decay?


Well it’s a basic, I included only craftables, which is why I also didn’t mention SFW


For the Aymara Healer, I think 2 of them are already plenty for most vetruvian decks. The third one starts to hinder my opening hands too often, and it competes with cards that I need for other kinds of threats. By the time you get to 6 as first player, with two of them in the deck, your odds are about 50% to get one in your hand, assuming you replace every turn. The third one adds about 15% to that figure. I do not think that is enough to warrant a third one.

Similarly, I also like to run 2 dominate wills. I think that card is also good enough to warrant inclusion in almost all vetruvian dekcs, in particular in the wildfire ankh archetype.

Speaking of artifact vetruvian:
Big fan of at least one hollow grovekeeper in that deck, because the primary way they try to assault you is to pin you with a provoke minion. As for other cards that you want: 3 wildfire ankhs. Other artifacts are useful, but not mandatory. I run one spear and one hexblade and am happy to never draw more than one of each. I also run oseryx because I happen to have one. 5 artifacts is plenty for oseryx.
Another card to consider for artifact vetruvian is Crossbones. It is still a 3/3 in its worst situation, but on the other hand, ranged minions are the enemy for artifact vetruvian. Together with the hollow grovekeeper you have 3 solid answers to Mechazor! too.

Another card to consider: Rasha’s curse. This card is good in so many situations. I recommend running two of them.


^ I second basically everything he has said concerning cards to run.

I have some minor differences of opinion but those are more due to the meta (reva songhai).

Two dominate wills and two aymara healers as he said is a very good analysis for the late game shell of a vetruvian deck.

Two rasha’s curse is good all around. However due to meta reasons, I also run one rust crawler due to songhai and the nature of their artifacts i.e. since they cost one, they are likely to play one in their opening turns and rasha’s cursing in responds does not put you ahead in tempo/value unlike say playing a rust crawler into first wish.

The artifact shell is basically accurate (provokes are the enemy). However I run a different tutor method for artifacts and I run probably too many artifacts… 7 artifacts with 3 artifact hunters lol. 2 staffs, 3 ankhs, and 2 hexblades. Something to keep in mind is that depending on the board state, sometimes it is the correct play to “prep” a staff even though you will not be using it on the same turn. For instance staff into ankh is a really strong play when going first. Since chances are that your opponent will waste their ping damage trying to removing 1-2 charges of your staff (not breaking it) on their first turn and that plays into developing an ankh and having it still being healthy at 3 charges.

Sometimes in the late game, if I have plenty of card draw in hand i.e. a windshrike and an artifact hunter, I will prep a staff beforehand so that I can afford to use my card cycle next turn, and potentially get some big swing turns out of artifact hunter into ankh into bbs for a board clear. Oddly I have gotten some lethals by having the oppoenent attacking my general with their general (but still not breaking the staff), into myself following up with hexblade+falcius to finish them off with a burst of 9 damage.

The verdict of running anti-range removal due to range being the bane of artifact vetruvian is spot on. Crossbones does the job well, however there are other options one can look into for range removal.

I run slower answers to range threats in the form of 3 wings of paradise, 3 windshrikes, and 2 astral phasing. These are good against heartseekers but are really bad against Ki-beholders. For ki-holders crossbones is amazing at countering, while if you run a flying focus answer to range threats, always try to position your general in such a way that you can finish off the beholder with ankh. One last thing, ironically wings of paradise is a good astral phasing target if you think you can not afford to wait to use it on an emerald rejuventator (4/4 in stats is the minimum you want for astral phasing targets), since wings technically have 5 attack and having it survive 2 more rounds allows quite a bit of trading to happen.