What about a daily Spirit quest?


I don’t know if it has been discussed, but what if we had a daily quest where players earned 5 spirit? My thought was that it could be a Friend vs. Friend quest or “play 1 game.” (As a side note, what about a “play 1 game with EACH faction” quest?)

That would equate to 1825 spirit a year (and 1830 on leap years!) or roughly two Legendary cards.

Given that not everyone can get to Rank 10 or higher every month and will lose out on the one free Legendary, I think this would be a neat little way for players to at least be able to craft a couple of those monthly rewards of their choice.

The daily challenge quest gives 1825 (or 1830) gold per year, which alone nets a player 18 orbs per year. Using the statistics from this reddit post, out of 90 cards at least 4 of them will be a random Legendary. Plus, the average dust value for an orb is roughly 220 spirit. If you dust all of the cards, that’s 19,800 spirit or 22 Legendaries. I’m only using Legendary here to save myself some time and math, but feel free to do the other rarity levels if you want! :wink:

So say what you will, but I think it would be a neat little addition to the game. It’s just a thought that I am aware would most likely be viewed as unnecessary, but I think it is a good point of discussion if nothing else.


If you play this game for a year , you are 99% already going to have the full collection . it wouldnt be a big help getting 5 spirit every day


i think a weekly quest for 100 spirit would be neat


That might be true but what about ALL the crap you can buy for spirit in the shop instead of for real money? half of them cost 2000 spirit, how long would it take to get just one, let alone the hundreds of emotes and such that are in there… not to mention how they’ll likely add more content as time goes on and all xD


That’s an interesting point, but if we are going to reward in spirit, why bother having gold? I think that, in the beginning, having max control over your colection is part of the game. You know? Crafting what is strong and dusting what you won’t use. But it’s just my opinion, I could be wrong…


I value opinions that are delivered with honest thought and goodwill. The beauty of opinions is that you are not wrong unless you try to force them on others as a matter of fact. So yeah…I have enjoyed the responses thus far. Keep the opinions rolling! :smile:


This is not obvious, but average value of a spirit orb is roughly 220 spirit (assuming you disenchant everything). 5 gold suddenly doesn’t look that bad :smile:


If that’s the case then 5 gold equates to 11 spirit a day. Let’s say you want to buy your favourite General’s emotes, that nets you 7500 spirit just for those.

7500spirit / 11spirit/day = 681.82days

So in just under two years you can raise enough spirit from the daily challenge to get all your emotes. Of course this doesn’t take into consideration the other daily quests, nor the gold you get from matches, but my simple point is that the daily quest is pretty tiny in most cases. Hell, in the time you take to solve the puzzle you could probably play a couple games and gain 10 gold from matches! (depending on how long you take, I take around 10 minutes usually, one of them took me around 20 though, and my friend that got me into the game usually takes around 30 minutes… she’s not very good at puzzles lol)

From a logical standpoint of setting up puzzles, or making it fair to everyone (for instance @isbee’s idea of a ‘play against a friend’ quest would be useless to all the loners out there xD) making an additional quest would actually be a bit of work. Sure they could make it ‘play a game’ but… to me that’s a pretty bland daily quest xD

There are two options I can think of, one is to make the current daily quest give you both 5G and 10 Spirit, the second is to make you choose between 10G and 25 Spirit. This increases the value of the daily quest to ensure that simply playing other matches isn’t straight out better than doing it and allows for you to straight up get Spirit from the thing as well or instead.

That’s all I’ve got in the way of ideas, having the dev team create an additional quest for Spirit that isn’t also bland would just cost them time they probably don’t have, thus combination quests would be a more likely fit.


I like the combo/choice of reward quest idea! Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a positive and constructive way. I, too, wish there were just a little more meat to the rewards for the daily challenge.