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What a weird turn 2 play... or not?


A game from my stream last week which was a good one I think.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Schizolanostomosis played Keeper with Armada in team wars- in its winning match it did not hit the board, but in all ladder preparation, that minion was the absolute MVP. Also, our list lost to a mech list :snowchaser:
Oh, also, I love Vaath’s Brutality, its a stall card to get more value out of mass removal, and allows you to trade better- sum that with Upper Hand being almost like 3 mana targeted Selection, and Im fairly confident in the quality of the list we made. Of course, matters of piloting come into factor, and Mag cant Rebuke Mech.

i was gonna make a thread with our most interesting decklists, but i keep postponing it…


The Armada play was good. They could guess that I clear it and even with my face. If I don’t clear it he hits my face or something else with its ability.

As I saw the positioning of it I was super surprised though but with the keeper it was great (though they had to take the 50% chance on clearing my minion but nothing to do about that) because it could have dealt 10 damage to my face.


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