Went tryhard mode with Keeper Mag to crawl into S-rank


Finally made it. Holy shit. Fights were absolutely grueling, but phenomenally fun.

Anyway if anyone cares, here’s the Keeper Magmar list I used to crawl my way into S-rank:


Obviously, this is NOT an innovation of the conventional Keeper Mag list. If you’re familiar with Keeper decks, the following keyboard spew is almost entirely a waste of time to read, but if you’re not, here’s the breakdown:

It’s furnished with the standard core comprising Keeper of the Vale with rush minions and a drizzle of buffs.

I think Magmar’s arsenal of artifacts are either too situational or detract from the deck’s method of playing tempo, so they’re absent here. With a little positioning, Taygete does wonders in a world blighted by Ooz, Pax, Zho and family.

3 of’s of almost everything heighten consistency. Flash is there to drop elucidators or makantors early when necessary (and ideally, resurrect them with keeper soon after) or to save mana to cast something else in the same turn. Also, Taygete.

Thumping Wave is a non-negotiable inclusion in the same way Motorboat Wonderbeast is; it’s a pseudo-removal that has situational synergy with Taygete and provides the burst damage needed to close games especially if you’ve been behind for most of the match. And playing from behind will be a very common scenario before you establish parity and threaten significant damage or lethal. You’re more likely to be reactive than proactive during the early turns.

The two Chrysalis Bursts are there… because I like it. On a serious note, the two of’s serve to waste the opponents removal or to simply provide a buffer for you as the enemy gets distracted from spanking your life total to 0. At it’s best it’s a massive tempo swing.

That’s the rough breakdown anyway. Happy gaming!