Well, that was a short visit.. :(


Hey guys, after a few month break I wanted to check out Duelyst again, because I missed playing it and wanted to see if there was any new stuff…

Well… new stuff there was, and when I saw all the shadowcreep cards in my Deck got buffed I was all exited and stuff and I couldnt believe shadow nova beeing 4 mana now, so I knew something was going on there… I jumped into a quick ranked match (rank 25 yaaay) and then I realised… shit… shadow creep got destroyed! only dealing 1 damage at all times now? fuck. I still managed to win that game, but man it hurt to see that.

after the match I went back to my deck and clicked crafting… and then I saw it… THREE legendarys that interact with shadow creep… one beeing a legendary that actually make it work as it is suppose to be… and it wasnt even that meta in the first place…

so here is the issue I face now, I havent played THAT much, but this shadow creep deck had literally every single currency in it I had, I disenchanted 90% of my other stuff to make this deck and put every currency in it I managed to gather… and now they nerf me and force me to buy/craft NINE legendary cards to play my deck again!!! that sounds really really unfair… this deck is the only thing I can play and it is basically unplayable at 20+ since you only have abyssal juggernaut as you win-con. even if a manage to craft darkspine elemental I dont see that helping all that much… they should’ve at least given 3 copys of obliterate to everyone using a fully fletched shadow creep deck so the whole deck archtype isnt just completly ruined.

So I guess if there is no solution I think I just have to leave the game be again… or start a new account so I at least get some free stuff again and hope to build a whole new deck from scratch… I am really sad and upset right now… so dont let everything I say trigger you… maybe someone has a solution for me… :frowning:


Would you mind posting your current decklist?


And guess what, if you spend time, money, spirit on some new cards and leave for “a few months” again … this may happen again :confused:

Because through extensions, patches, updates, monthly cards, game is constantly evolving. Not saying it’s good or bad, it’s just a fact.


You need at most 4 and at best 1 legendary from the post-Shadow Creep rework sets to play a strong Cassyva deck - not 9, not even close.

Ghost Azalea x2 is good in faster decks, Obliterate x1 or x2 maximum (no one should run 3 of this, if your deck composition is good you’ll find it) and you don’t actually need Variax or Klaxon for Cass at all.

Spectral Revenants are far more integral to the deck, and from your comment it appears you should already have those. If not, prioritise your crafting as 2 Revenants - > 1 Obliterate - > 3rd Revenant.


I know! thats why I came back… but just making your deck not work anymore but giving you a legendary you HAVE TO built 3 of to make it as it used to be sounds good for balancing but really really bad for a casual player like me who has just this one deck and now has nothing… I know what card games nerfs look like, increasing manacost or lower attack and effect values, but changing a whole game mechanic and forcing you to buy newly added legendarys to make it work again is just frustratin for me really… that a thing I have never witnessed before, changing a whole game mechanic.


I’ve played creep decks with only juggernaut and 1 obliterate as payouts, it worked fine. Old creep was oppresive, new creep is strong, but allows for more cards to be printed. If you played viable prepatch creep, you should have enough to make halfway decent creep deck, especially with revenants, shadow sister, and the like.


Yes I see your point in Klaxon, I think I wouldnt run it either. but I would most definitly want to run at least 2 obliterate… so thats 1800 spirit right there i have have HAVE to play the deck…
I always had 2x spectral reventant since I barely managed to craft them and I felt 3 would be clunky anyway.
I justed look at variax… no Idea what “awesome” means ^^ maybe you can enlighten me :smiley:


It changes your Bloodborn Spells to these:

Its effect is often considered better for Lilithe, rather than Cassyva.

Re-read Obliterate - there is a reason why a lot of players only run 1x of it, though running 2x is certainly not bad. Get a first Obliterate and try your deck again.

It removes your current creep tiles. During the same game, you won’t get a stong payoff for a second cast of the spell, so ideally you only ever play it once for 6-8 or more damage, usually lethal.

Kelaino is a better spend of your next 900 spirit over a third Revenant, as well, since you get 3x Kelaino for that amount, and they’re very good.


shadow sister seems good in the new version maybe… but as I said I disenchanted evrything for my deck… so I dont have all core rares at 3… so thats another option I cant use… since I am missing 9 rare cards which is another 900 spirit…


I know that it removes it… but you have to have it in the first place… if you dont have it at 8 I think the deck struggles a lot from it… shadow nova usually was my finisher at 7 in most matches… so having it at 8 seems mandatory… and with the cards replace system I think 2 are mandatory for the deck… though it could work with 1 at first I guess… but stll even that is 900 spirit… where should I get 900 spirit froim without loosing over and over again in ranked matches… it just seems unplayable without it… :frowning:

Edit: that variax effect seems amazing btw ^^ but I agree it seems better for lillith, and maybe that would be to many high cost cards… but it looks fun.


The one thing you’re forgetting is the fact that most of the staples, such as ooz and sphere of darkness are commons and rares. As well as this, the abyssal crawler buff was pretty big, since, if you can play it safely, it becomes a creep machine.


it was a relativly cheap deck I agree, thats why I built it in the first place (and because I loved it) and I agree that the crawler buff was great, but you get nothing from all that creep if you cant even control the battle field with it anymore (with cards like demonic lure and repulsor beast killing EVERY single thread) AND cant even finish the game without obliterate…

so making it higher cost by adding more legendarys seems okay it my book, but they should have done it this way at first then and dont change the whole game mechanic to a point where you need a new legendary to even function… :frowning:

for a change that big you should at least compensate it for players who main deck it.


I know your feeling bro, but you probably should’ve kept an eye on Duelyst’s patches changes, so you could preserve of your collection’s value by disenchanting quick enough when they gets hanged/nerfed.


Firstly welcome back.
Secondly shadow did not get “buffed” and it did not get “nerfed” it got reworked into not being simply hoping for a 7 mana shadow nova to be your win con. Now the win con is a legendary card that also balanced the shadow creep mechanic so it feels fair to play against… yes that is unfortunate for a f2p account because i simply avoid playing cass because i havent gotten obliterate yet and i wont craft any of them. However i am pretty sure you know how oppressive Shadow Creep was back then before Shimzar and imagine how the new creep cards would be if this mechanic was not changed. What legendaries are you talking about though, most cass decks only run revenant and obliterate as their legendaries (not counting kelaino or spell jammer cause not all do). Most of the good deck is made of commons, rares and basics.

Additional Info: It’s never smart to invest all of your resources into one deck because of constant reworks being necessary to make the game healthier. Also because of the chance that deck becomes irrelevant in a new meta.


What cards do you have? How much spirit do you currently have? Maybe the people on the deckbuilder discord or even us on the forums can salvage something from it. Getting a competitive creep deck and slowly building up to a fully fledged one is not too hard. Assuming that you already have Spectral Revenants and Keliano, this deck can feasibly reach S-rank.

Dirty Creeps Done Dirt Cheap

(Skorn can be replaced with card draw or good 4 drops. Keliano is irreplaceable)

This deck is close to top tier lists, including the one I ladder with and the one on Bagoum (go to site for Duelyst information) with a few high rarity cards swapped out for low rarity counterparts. Up until gold ranked, the deck should have little to no problems, since any tempo deck with a skilled enough pilot can do rather well. However, certain fast decks can cause problems. If you loose to an aggro Vanar who emotes a lot, that is probably just a high ranking player’s alternate account. (or the work of enemy Stands) Seriously, those things are everywhere and can be really discouraging to loose to.

Try to play a bit slower than regular tempo decks. Your win conditions come much later than your opponent’s and Keliano will help maintain life total. If you have to, replace her with a good tempo 4 drop and play a tempo deck until you have enough spirit.

Oh, one last thing: it is vital that you play using Cassyva’s original, not MKII skin when using this deck. (you will need the stand power) As for music to listen to while playing, need I even say?


oh so they at least gave you the chance to get rid of your nerfed cards after the patch if you were quick enough? thats something at least I guess… but then again the most expensiv card did not get touched so i would be stuck with lillith which I dont enjoy at all xD I like controly combo decks. but it is nice to hear that there was some option using the same method as in “the card game that should not be named”. still I think this deck type is amazing… Im just sad I cant play it right now becuase I lost the win condition and got a “shitty” minion version of it (shitty because minios get removed so easily suppose to 13 damage shadowcreep)… cant disenchant it because I love it… and cant play anything else because I have nothing but basic cards… :confused:

I really dont know what to do now… there are many decks I would love to play and I really enjoy this game the most out of all the card games… but I have no choice but loosing ofer and over to get gold until I reach 900 spirit :confused:


thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.
I think I really played it as a control deck more so then a tempo deck in the first place, slowly build creep while controling the field with demonic lure and repulsor beast.

I currently have 60 spirit, I do NOT have kelaino, since I am missing 9 rare cards from the core set (because I disenchanted everything for my 2 revenants)
some cards in the deck you posted seems weird to me, but I guess thats because it is more of a tempo list now with many little things doing damage, but I guess thats how you have to play it now post change.
why not run shadow nova? why not run darkspine elemental?
I think shadow nova is overpriced now for only dealing max 4 damage… but it is still good for building up creep, darkspine seems better then skorn though, given that you can deal 2 damage to anything you really want to remove…

there just is no replacement for obliterate… :frowning:


I have the following legendarys in my collection that currently see no use… tell me if I REALLY could disenchant them, I dont want to disenchant anything that can be remotly used in any deck ever.

-decimate x1
-tusk boar x1
-deathfire crescendo x1
-golem vanquisher x1 (I know you problably say disentchant, but golems was the first deck I made, is it really terrible to play?)
-sarlac the eternal x1 (lillith deathwatch? yes/no?)
-unseven x1 (what if OP dying wish cards come out at any point in time?)

  • Red Synja x3 got them toghether in some kind of promotion (is it still used?)
    -zureal x1

maybe I just have to disenchant at least 3 of them to make my deck work again? :frowning:


K for keep, D for Disenchant

Decimate - D
Tusk Boar - K
Deathfire Crescendo - K
Golem Vanquisher - D
Sarlac the eternal - (I would K) but most would say D
Unseven - K
Red Synja - D (Maybe keep two copies in case it becomes relevant)
Zureal - D


when you say keep unseven is it because there is potential in the future or is there a dying wish deck right now that I should know of? :slight_smile:

and can you answer my question on golems? are they really that bad? I got to around rank 5 with using my golem control deck as my first deck before I crafted the shadow creep deck :slight_smile:
Edit: then again that was at the start of Duelyst’s history and there weren’t much legendarys in Decks overall ^^