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Technically not the concentrate I was referring to, when you see “From Concentrate” on a carton, it means that it was reduced to a solid, frozen substance without water, as method of storage. And then had water added back in when sold.

If you’ve ever had one of those frozen blocks that you add water, ahem, Dihydrogen Monoxide, too, to make a drink, it’s basically that.


Hey guys, MMF here bringing you another round of Duelyst themed beverages fer all u salty dogs :flag_black: :skull_crossbones:. Introducing the new crossrdrought! Made of the hardest, most pure of all sailors rum, with a little pinch of lime if you’re feeling a little fancy, crossdrought is guaranteed to make even the most resilient of crows nesters sway with a drunken cheer even more potent than a sighting of land! Made of a slew of ingredients known only to the pirates of the 4 seas, many of those who deal with pirates on a regular basis claim that Crossdrought is the source of their unearthly swagger (see silvertongue pirates). Just know that if you see any bottles marked with a skull and crossbones, that you’re most likely in the presence of a pirate or two yaaar!



Hey folks, just wanted to stop by and let you in on yet another simple, yet interesting little concoction. Gorchata brings to the table an answer to the sweltering heat of the blighted lands. Made out of the combination of either saberspine tiger nuts, rice grains imported from Xen’kai, or ground milky almonds from the vermillion forest, some ember cinnamon from the ember highlands and some paragon sugar; this drink is a guaranteed favorite amongst those living in the Akram desert (and they have sandshields so they don’t need to drink). The smooth yet flavorful combination of sugar and spice definitely attribute to its popularity and in the years before the binding, vetruvian children would often be treated to the delight by overbearing parents/grandparents. Z0rchata was made in consideration of those who’re allergic to nuts, yet it doesn’t quite compare to the original Gorchata!


Take a seat boys, i’m about to reveal another drink! Icy, Salted Beer with Elderberry Extract is the newest drink here in Tavern Duelyst. The mix of icy sea-salt blends perfectly with the tarty, bittersweet taste of the elderberry extract to form a drink that (while healthy for you) tastes great on hot summer days! It is particularly popular within the Abyssian Host due to their access to the purest of elderberry trees. Trust in Malt liquer and Co. and try a glass yourself!


bumping since I don’t want to have this locked quite yet (I have a few Ideas for drinks, but I still need to formulate a proper post for them)

lol I let it die :laughing:, Oh well. Time to move on I guess. What next I wonder, more food, more lore, or more world building?


Extra Salty Liquid Salt, can be also made Toxic for a 1$ fee.
Tastes like salt.

Very popular among certain forum go-ers.


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