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Trinity Toast does, with perfectly aged whiskey, cider, and vodka all in one tap, it is said to bring even the most burly men down in three sips, the first a toast, the second a gulp, and the third brings the doctor a healing. And all this is produced at just 4.00 a barrel, the value just seems to be too much for these people.


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I anticipate there could be some amazing stuff created here after the new expansion drops.

I have faith. :heart_eyes:

  • Verdant Cascade (Cascade)
  • Heliosanguine (Blood of Air)
  • Multichrys Sherbet (Juggernaut)
  • Shadowbane Mix (Nocturne)

Here’s a few name ideas for you guys and the card they’re based off of (all spoilers)


Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist.


An ancient recipe theorized to be essential to the design of all other drinks in the world of Mythron, Josaké has finally been recreated through vigorous research. The recipe itself is simple enough; one part Seritonin, three parts Epinephrine, and one part pure ethanol topped off with a generous portion of sodium chloride. Historically, this beverage was served with an insult to the drinker’s mother, for maximum frustration. It is theorized that this drink was intended to used in social events to create a trance-like state of anger and frustration, which allowed its users to bond. While this drink may seem counter-intuitive, recent finding have shown that Josaké’s design is the basis for all other drinks found on Mythron!



It’s pretty good. Has a nice milky taste to it, you know?


What do you get when you mix the scorching heat of the Akram Dunes and the Searing aesthetic of Soare, the middle most sun of Mythron? I’m legally required to issue each of you sunglasses before I can show you this drink (here you go :dark_sunglasses:), feast your eyes upon the never before seen HELIOSANGUINE! Sporting an interesting blend of Soleil and condensed polywinds, Sand Howlers & CO. were able to create this odd specimen that we have here today. Beware though, it’s known to leave bloody eye holes in place of the eyeballs of the unfortunate few who’ve seen it with their bare eyes.

Multichrys Sherbet, while not a drink, is widely known for the multiplication of it’s flavors depending on the proof of the variant. Though the drink is usually served with low alcohol proofs in it’s country of origin, Maagari, there are often many places that serve this frozen dessert with a proof rivaling envybeer’s already high proof. While still good even lacking alcohol (making this a fan-favorite at Lyonar fairs), the extra flavours added with alcohol are something extremely delicious!


Barrel of Blinding Sake

A traditional drink from Xaan, Barrel of Blinding Sake is usually drunk “straight to the bottom”. Enjoyed mostly by renowned Songhai generals, the Blinding Sake’s aftereffects include an inflated sense of celerity and overactivation. Combined with the usual effects of drunkenness, this drink can produce fierce backstabbing and spellcasting between the drinkers, or just verbal threats thrown from range. The taste can be described as mostly fresh and even, but with a slight flavor of the classic Songhai salt.


Hype Drops are now back and better than ever! CounterPlay Pharmaceuticals has announced that this limited time purchase is back for the count following the rise of over-hypage caused by the rise of the most recent Ancient Bonds disease. Are you suffering from hype induced heart pains, post lethargy, and/or post hyperactivity? Hype Drops is here to help. Now comes in marble form for easier swallowing. Warning: Only for those above the age 12.

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Sirroco-Cola is your answer to the blazing desert heat! With a new and refreshing taste different from all the other soft drinks, Sirroco-Cola packs the skylight taste of skyrocks into a convenient, easy to swallow concoction that turns your mouth into a rocky wonderland!


Wind’s Blood has come to the tavern! Enjoy the refreshing beverage that makes you feel as if you’re flying in the sky!

“I felt a surge of power blows within me! I feel like beating out someone with this power!”

  • A customer.

It has been reported that someone has been missing the day after victim drank this. A witness has reported that he saw a Wind elemental coming out from the victim’s house.


whispey deathgrip. this clear beverage, made from the living crystals of the north, has a high alcohol content and is likely to make you pass out after a single shot. the taste is nothing to write home about, but is a popular bottom shelf drink for those who want to get drunk quickly. it is also a well known method to increasing your alcohol tolerance and is often drunk every night for a week before drinking contests.


Songhai Soda brings a whole new burst to the world of soft drinks. From its patented explosive taste and to its deceptively innocent looking packaging, this beverage is the burst in bursting flavor! And with the release of 3 NEW flavors you can pick which ever one suits you the best! Feeling a little devious, try some , Backstab Brew! A bit explosive? Spell Pop sounds perfect! And for all those who want the same great taste, but in a COMPLETELY organic drink with little/no artificial flavoring, Arcayne elixir is the promise choice! Give your taste buds a burst of flavor like never before!

Songstuff Inc. is not liable for any unfortunate events occurring after the consumption of Songhai Soda. Please drink responsibly. May include peanuts.


Brightmoss Beer: With all of the strange flavors floating around in Mythron, one person decided to make a vanilla beer, it has no odd effects, just beer. Just a lovely mix of hydrocarbons, acids, bases, and a hint of vanilla flavor to give it a small kick. This is the true beer of a general, no frills, just stats.


This reminds me of this one time where I added a flavor packet to a glass of water (think coffee mug size) and only after getting through a 1/4 of it did I realize that I put in a packet that’s meant for a pitcher of water…all I had was a cup or 2 worth of water and a really concentrated cup of drink. It hurt


Why not fill up a pitcher nearly all the way, pour the glass of water in and stir it?


I did, but the 1/4 of the glass I had hurt


Ouch… I’ve had that happen to me, not fun. Feels like sugar is melting the flesh off your throat.