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Dihydrogen Monoxide: A potent drink for the few who make it from the battlefield alive, a bare necessity to almost everyone. A refreshing simple drink whose taste can never be more tasteless, a most invisible drink gliding across the palate like a ghost. Such are the fates of many a poor man to make it back with their comrades but ghosts on the wind, each fallen’s spirit haunting him til’ he too falls into the murky shallows of welcoming death, for in this shallow he may find the answers to his woes, to his greatest questions. But alas! For now he must live for them, fight for them, on another eve of battle, survive for them, and bring their memory home to those they knew, alas it is the fate of the Poor Man to return from the battle alone, but, to this he drinks, for the future! whatever it may be…


Took me a second to remember how Chemistry works, clever clever you…


lol…I was looking for something a little harder, maybe with some calcium?


Perhaps some Orange Juice with a Dihydrogen Monoxide supplement shall suffice?


yuck, why would I mess up my beautiful orange juice heaven?


Unfortunately, almost all Orange Juice has been contaminated by Dihydrogen Monoxide! However, a few people have found a way to purify this delicious drink… CONCENTRATE! However! Such people and their greed just put this Dihydrogen Monoxide back in! They could purify Orange Juice, but they just put it back in! So sadly few may ever have Orange Juice without this additive.


So, orange juice orange juice right? the kind that

and not the kind that tastes like watered citrus with the sugar content equivalent of a can of soda right?


Oh, you jokers you…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Of course there is water “in” everything. I just don’t want to drink water separately “with” my orange juice. Like I said though, i prefer milk.


the bloody priestess is an extremely popular drink. a delicious cocktail of Zendoski with a drop of darkfire liquor and grove ice shavings, frequently served with a shot of shirohime. It has strong sweet flavor and kicks like a horse, but wont let you fall over. In many places ordering this is a subtle sign you’re single and searching. be warned, you may end up attracting a ring of low class company. It’s become a custom to hand someone a hoola hoop and get them to dance after a few too many of these.


To celebrate the opening of the Opaline gates, the the king of the Lyonar Kingdoms (King Eomer IX), commissioned a drink to celebrate the event. Many winemakers brought forth their product, but only one was chosen. Sanguine Cognac. Known for it’s reddish coloration, this cognac is made from the perfect blend of grapes from the vines of the jade canopy and wine from the Sunforge distilleries. Aged to perfection, this drink represents the confidence of the knights stationed at the Opaline Gates during it’s 30 day siege. The reason behind the king’s choice of this specific alcohol over all others was rumored to be that it reminded him of the rosy cheeks of his (then) pregnant wife. Though high in alcohol content, the pang from the alcohol blends smoothly with the oaken fragrance of the drink thus making it an unmistakable experience. A drink exuding optimism and life, perfect for ending a long day.


Truly, a worthy perfection of art in liquid form! My dreams shall be filled with honorable bliss.


Black Mead
Though ominous looking, this surprisingly sweet mead packs is quite the sensation amongst tavern parties! Using honey straight from the black locust hives of the Blighted land, this delicacy is a welcome reprieve amongst the barren wasteland of Styxus. The Abyssian Host is known for their odd-looking drinks, but it can’t be denied that they make some of the best drinks out there!


moloki mead is an incredibly hard to find beverage that can only be drunk in magaari. using an extremely rare yeast found only in the deep jungles of shimzar, the mead ferments before your very eyes and every second you let it sit the alcohol content doubles in strength. The flavor of this rare mead changes with every sip from a deep sweet flavor to almost pure alcohol. Specialized vanar preservation magic is the only way this mead can be tasted more than a mile from the brewery. it is recommended that you remember when it was poured.


If you talk to a certain man in the tavern at a certain time, he will tell you of a password to tell the bartender

If you tell the bartender this password at certain times, he will lead you to a secret back door in the tavern to a special room full of illegal brews.

They have all kinds of dangerous drinks, foods, and combos that have been made illegal because of their dangerous nature.

The first drink on the list you see can be bought for $10.00 a glass. It’s called Gore Brew. This drink has an alcoholic concentration of over 14% (hard liquor usually has 8% alcoholic concentration). It has a straight, filling flavor that feels like your mouth is expanding with the fumes. It leaves the aftertaste of a backstab, and gives a hard hit once it hits the stomach. The idea comes from the card Gore Horn, and it mostly comes from just the name. I will add to this post as time goes by. Feel free to add drinks and food to the illegal bar!


I will have you know that Tavern Duelyst is a completely and 100% legal business…But it doesn’t hurt to have a few specials stored for those in particular…need…

Back before the Vanar Kindred had fully unified themselves was this particular group called the Kinetic storm. They were a wicked bunch, made up of a conglomeration of mercenaries and exiles from far away lands. Though the group was only composed of a measly bunch of fighters, it’s said that they were transformed by a specific brew into wicked beasts, capable of slaughtering anything in their path. Unfortunately for them, those that drank said brew became so addicted to it that they’d raid and pillage any settlement in order to seek something of value to sell back to the leaders of Kinetic Storm for a taste of that brew again. The power of the drink eventually made it to the hands of a Lyonar prince who, upon drinking it, went mad searching for it again. The king, enraged by the effect that the brew had on his son, went on a campaign against the leaders of Kinetic Storm, seeking to end the production of such vile concoction. Upon learning of this, the other tribes of the Vanar Kindred offered their assistance in hunting down the leaders of Kinetic Storm, most likely desiring the power of the drink for themselves. After 14 grueling years of fighting, the leaders of Kinetic Storm were finally killed off, and their recipe lost to the sands of time. Though reproduction of their brew has been declared illegal, many have sought to recreate the cursed brew. Most reproductions only contain a fraction of the original power of the drink, but nevertheless the name Kinetic Surge has been only spoken of in whispers, behind the backs of the silverguard and with bottles only being shared behind the backdoors of closed taverns.


Back in the old days, back when the maps weren’t completely filled, alcohol was produced by the people. Using homemade recipes, alcohol of all kinds were produced, with varying safety measures of course. For you see, it wasn’t always safe to drink a drink. Bloodmoonshine was it’s name. Coined by the color that it produced when burned, Bloodmoonshine was the poor man’s choice of liquor back in those uncertain days, when all you could do was chug and hope for the best. The high proof in each bottle is ensured to get you wasted and the easy accessibility made it popular among commonfolk, but after all was said and drunk, the fact that you risked blindness, poisioning, or even DEATH was what got the drink it’s infamous reputation. Though it’s illegal today, you can still find bottles of it being sold in the poorest of taverns.


Taken from the very heart of the Blighted lands comes a concoction so dang powerful that it took down 3 Lysian Brawlers to finish just one bottle. Introducing, ABYSSIAL JUGG! The Abyssian Host has long been known for their unusual beverages, but this has to be one of the, by far, oddest things they’ve come up with in the last decade. Originally Abyssial Chug, this brew has since then been altered to deliver a more significant kick to your drinking experience! By steaming it over materials brought over from the Shimzar Isles (the material was a trade secret and is thus kept secret) Abyssian Brewmasters have managed to create what they call one of “[their] strongest liquor[s] yet!” And when boiled with a few Creep shavings, this masterpiece works as a very effective aphrodisiac, enhancing the already potent effect of the naturally occurring creepvines. Careful where you drink it though! Because of the fragile balance between the flavors of the drink, it must be both stored and consumed in a low-light environment otherwise the apparent strength of the drink is nullified and rendered useless. This particular feature makes it perfect for late-night outings and romantic dates. Spice up your life with a bottle of Abyssal Jugg! :wine_glass:


In celebration of Saint Patrex Day, many Maagari inhabitants are opening up some bottles of freshly brewed Spirit Harvest! Taken straight from the floating farmlands of the Emerald Highland, this drink envokes a certain lightheadedness upon the drinker due to the floating properties of the sugarcane it was made with. With the drink being modeled after St. Patrex himself, it packs a punch that leaves you wanting more. The freshness of the sugarcane decides the quality of the bottle so for St. Patrex’s Day only bottles made with the freshest sugarcane are served on St. Patrex Day. Taverns located in Maagari are also known to keep a few barrels worth of Earth Sphere to combat the wave of severe cases of alcohol poisoning that take place on that day alone. Restrooms are also made especially clean in preparation for the day with outhouses being set-up the day before. Overall, Saint Patrex Day is one of the most highly anticipated celebrations of the year in Maagari! :beers:


Those lucky few who may consider themselves the protigen of the Sunforge have a strange tradition before they allow anyone from their fold (order) to leave their lands. Namely, each are made to have a strange drink before setting off. Now what the drink is made of no one know, however, the people that have had the drink claim that it’s extremely delicious with the odd side-effect of having an intense heat radiate from their chest whenever they drink a bottle of sundrop elixir (or anything made with the sun attribute for that matter). The drink, coined Golden Vitrol, is legend for the aggressive nature that it bestows upon the consumer (whether they become violent or merely more assertive is something that varies from case to case) and with the prominent increase of fertility that comes with the drink, many who hail from Sunforge come to be devoted mothers with a strong craving for bananas.

Only sold in taverns located in Sunforge

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Say hello to Mirror Milk! With twice the calcium as your normal cup of milk, this drink doubles the strength of your bones! Start your day off twice as strong with Mirror Milk!

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