Welcome to Tavern Duelyst!


We aren’t drinking this stuff, we’re merely filling the shelves for the sake of decoration!


Don’t worry, we have some non-alcoholic stuff here…somewhere…want some orange juice?


Or he could try some of the Songhai Empire’s Phoenix Fire Water! A beverage that is created from Mountian Spring Water and constant bombardments of Phoenix Fire the drink has a fiery taste and texture going down and coming back up! It is only popular among a niche group of drinkers and is usually ordered as a joke, dare or when someone loses a bet. It is bottom shelf material.


Sunbloom Ale, a Lyonar beer known for its high alcohol content. Prepared from only the freshest Sun Blooms and Wind-Dried Water. Then set to rest for 23.1783746528947753838328 days and finally bottled and after another 27-ish. The drink appears a shining yellow color, and burns on the way down. Thankfully the high Alcohol seems to dispel any problems you were having as you blackout after the second sip. Generally regarded as a low-class beverage despite it’s high production costs, it’s a favorite for betting games, and divorced husbands.


We found a dried up cabbage in my grandma’s refrigerator… would that be good for you?


Ask johnbob, he’s the one who wants to stay sober.


Hold on, I think I’ve found just what you’re looking for! Yep, how about some Rae Bread coupled with a bowl of Sundrop Soup (with some of @thefirstgokun’s grandma’s dried up cabbage of course) and a glass of Grove Water? Just what the healing mystic ordered!

Sundrop Soup


A local dish from the villages situated on the outskirts of the Alluvial Plains, this hot soup fights away even the chilliest of chills! Made from a combination of Dragonlark eggs and ground sun blooms, this hearty soup is best known for tasting as if you’ve “taken a light nap in [your] favorite sun basking spot”-Starhorn the Seeker. Though good as is, it is often made alongside a slice of tusk boar to give it a meatier taste (koi also works). The simple, yet tasty, dish remains a favorite within the Celandine Continent and you can be sure to find it on the menu of any Lyonar Tavern!

Rae Bread


In the Akram desert the dangerous environment of the desert allows little life to flourish. Nevertheless, the people who live their continue to eke out a place for themselves. In doing so they created rae bread. Made out the bones of the curious little rae worms indigenous to the dunes of the Akram desert, this bread is a testament to the strength of those who live in such a place. Though extremely hard and bland when dry, the bread itself exudes a wheaty taste when exposed to liquid, thus making it perfect for long journeys and soups! Though rae bread is often passed along as commoners bread, one must never judge a book by its cover.

Grove Water


Though Grove water tastes just like natural water it has one particularly interesting trait that makes it a favorite amongst people with rough jobs: it makes you stronger. While it doesn’t make you stronger in any conventional sense of the word, it does have a strange effect of enabling you to endure more. One may see empty bottles pf Grove Water in many seedier taverns, due to the roguish nature of such places, but it is still a staple in any legitimate tavern due to its popularity among the commonfolk.


Omg…this thread just keeps getting better! Keep up the spectacularly detailed descriptions! It’s world building.


Though it may be disproven as uncanon (or maybe just set in different time periods) in the near future, it is pretty fun to see what the players can come up with reagarding world building! Righto!


Inner Focus Tonic:

A revitalizing beverage made from cacao beans from one of Xenkai’s many rainforests. This bitter drink is marketed as providing spiritual energy, but really just contains an absolutely staggering amount of caffeine. This drink is sold virtually everywhere, as it virtually banishes the desire for sleep from the heads of those who drink it. Sold virtually everywhere in Xenkai, it is often drank by both the labour class, the soldiers (as it allows for ceaseless work), and surprisingly, the Chakri Avatars, as it allows them to meditate for unimaginable stretches of time. Side-affects include: cardiac arrest if a large enough dose is consumed, uncontrollable twitching, and proccing spell casts.


Due to the large amounts of overdosage of the Inner Focus tonic, Songhai Spellmasters INC. has reduced the amount of Inner Focus tonic available for resale. In it’s stead is a new, safer way to get your daily dose of spiritual energy. Introducing Red Boar! Packed full of your favorite spiritual energies, this drink helps you stay energized rather than heightening your focus. By re-energizing your spirit energy, it makes you feel as if you were living life in slow-motion! Watch as those tasks that would take you hours to do go by in a flash! Remember, Red Boar gives you tusks!
(Songhai Spellmasters INC. claims no liability for any negative side effects including: nausea, headaches, high blood pressure, and actually growing tusks. If you or any of your loved ones experience any of these side effects after consuming Red Boar please contact your local emergency room immediately. Drink responsibly)


Can’t believe this has not been here yet:


From the distant, isolate land of Duelystrussia, comes a beer with a bitter, slightly burning taste that will not leave your mouth for many hours. Packed with a remarkable quantity of alcohol in a single jug and a strange tingling sensation that makes you crave for more, Envybeer truly is a drink only for the most addicted and memeful consumers in the Tavern. Tales have reported people losing their sense of direction for days after drinking too much of Envybeer, finding themselves in some random corner of the world with no idea how they have gotten there.


Chaos Elemental

A less than common bomb shot featuring Envybeer with a shot of cranberry flavored vodka dropped inside, this drink is notorious for starting bar fights and being the bane of many bouncers’ existence. Frequently, consumers mistakenly believe see other’s drinks as their own thinking it had been taken from them before finishing it. No means of diplomacy seem to assuage these beliefs as the drunkard frequently spews slurs and accusations of moving their drink or playing games on them.


Tired of the bumrush-rag of common rabble life, but too poor to buy any of the high-end alcohols? Try a bottle of Shirohime today! Made with the tail of the dragonkin, this light drink is made to empower while providing a more refined taste to the common tongue! The mix of will strengthening bubbly and a flavor reminiscent of the Great Cherry Blossom Trees in the Jade gardens of Xenkai, this drink gives you the power of an almighty empress without sacrificing the grace befitting one. Refine your life with a bottle of Shirohime! (Now comes in puppydragon sized mini cans!)


Happy (early) Valentines Day!
Spend this Valentine’s Day with a cup of Heartseeker Coco! The warm, toasty fragrance of the cacao beans of Maagari paired with the sweet taste of twilight strawberries puts you, and your partner, in the perfect mood for a bit of nighttime ‘dueling.’ Add a pinch of bloodmoon chili to put a bit of fire into your performance :couplekiss:
Alone and envious on Valentines Day? Well, grab a few other lonely buds and play game of the Circle of Drunkennation! Just grab any bottle of strong alcohol and take turns drinking shots until only the winner is left coherent! Make sure to have a jug of lightblender ready to remedy the oncoming hangover.


Deepfire blood wine is a odd drink to say the least. Made from the blood of its namesake, shadow creep shavings, reaper grains, and a secret ingredient thats probably just orange juice. A coarse and bitter drink with an inexplicable nutty aftertaste. But what it lacks in flavor it makes up for in effect. It causes the drinker to become ravenous and begin eating everything within arms reach. A bottom shelf drink that only comes out during eating competitions, feasts, and attempts to reassure terrible cooks.


Wait, so if a couple drinks this then do they have an aggressive session of “eating” each other? If ya catch my drift at least ;}

In honor of the late captain of the infamous silvertongue pirates, Captain Soberous, pirates have been reported to be carrying barrels of a liquid coined Silvertongue Rum. Though odd looking, and as thick as paste, this pirate delicacy spots the odd effect of making your tongue silver. As odd as it is, while your tongue is silver you are virtuously impervious to the mind inhibiting effects of ANY alcohol. With the effect disappearing after an hour or so, this previously banned substance was allowed for common consumption once it passed testing initiated by the U.T.T. Though there still exists a taboo regarding silvertongues in coastal villages/ports, Silvertongue Rum is proving to be a staple amongst the more in-land taverns.


From the sandy dunes of Akram Desert comes a sweet but tangy drink. It has positive reviews in the Vetruvian kingdom, and most people who try this drink find it to almost fly down your throat into your stomach and cause a frenzy in it, almost like a party. However, once outside the Vetruvian Kingdom, the drink has been reviewed as going by too quickly, the sudden boldness of the drink being too much even for hardcore Lyonar’s. Its the drink that has spawned memes as a single-race drink, and currently very few people outside of the Vetruvian Kingdom enjoy this drink.

Its name, is Flying Serpanti.

This drink was inspired by the combo of Serpanti and some flying spell (Astrial or Third Wish). It has caused so much hatred, and yet so much love for Serpanti, that I felt like a drink was necessary to honor it. May he never change.


I can vouch for the potentness of this drink, duelist froze as I tried to make a deck with it. The meems were too real


Isbee walks into the Tavern and throws down a sack of gold.

Isbee - “Give me the hardest and smoothest thing you got, barkeep! I just finished my daily quests and it was a rough day. I just lost ten battles in a row to earn this sack of coin you see here.”

(Barkeep reaches deep behind the bar) “I’ve got this fine rarity. Not seen the light of day for many seasons”

Isbee - “…make it a triple, to welcome me back.”

Here’s where you all create the drink. Make it awesome!